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***...Cahoot Loses Website...***

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10/16/2008 07:17 PM
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***...Cahoot Loses Website...***
More banking problems online...oh my!!

[link to business.timesonline.co.uk]

Cahoot Loses Website After Powercut In Spain
by Catherine Boyle

Customers of Cahoot, the internet bank which is part of Abbey and Santander, are still unable to access their accounts more than 24 hours after a power cut in Spain which knocked out its website.

The bank’s website, www.cahoot.com, went down at 8am yesterday. The power cut also knocked out the group’s call centre, leaving customers with no way of accessing their accounts.

Direct debits and standing orders also went unpaid during the power failure.

A spokeswoman for Cahoot said they hoped to have the site back up shortly, adding that payments which should have gone through yesterday will be processed today.

Cahoot management moved to restore confidence by insisting that the website’s failure was not an indication of wider problems at the bank.

Matthew Timms, managing director of Cahoot, said: “Cahoot is part of the Santander Group, one of the world’s most successful and well-capitalised banks with nearly 70 million customers and remains a safe place for your money.”

The internet site for Abbey was also affected, but it was up and running again more quickly.

Mr Timms said: “We apologise that cahoot.com was unavailable yesterday and today. The site will shortly be up and running and you will be able to see any transactions you made up until 7.30am yesterday.

“Any transactions on your account made after that time will have been actioned but may not display yet so please don’t worry. These should be updated over the next 24 hours.”

One Cahoot customer said that there was a danger people would panic when they saw that the website wasn’t working, given the events of recent weeks.
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