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World to end May 21, 2011 so he says......

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United States
05/27/2011 05:34 PM
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Re: World to end May 21, 2011 so he says......
yea that was posted on page 2. hence only retards believe in harold camping.

wouldnt you think that such people who believe so wholey in the Lord would read his book?

lol everyone who came to research this online obviously believes in god...and everyone who had a hint of fear that 21 May would be the day, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

1. You'd know that it wasnt the last day on earth if you'd read his book.

2. You know your chances of getting to Heaven are exponentially increased if you READ the Bible.

3. If you aren't going to read his book, why still believe in the Lord? You cant even give up a few minutes a day to read through it. You can spend 1 minute a day reading The Bible, and a few thousand minutes later, you could be done with it. thats a few thousand days. which is like 6 years of your life. spend 24 minutes and its 90 days. how many days does the average person live? 25550 days. you can read the bible a little under 300 times if you spent 25 minutes a day reading it. and there are millions of people who play video games all day every day. cut 24 minutes off your wasted life and turn it into something. Athiests should do it too if they want to argue that its all nonsense. "oh its not real, so its a waste of time." i guess history is fake now. i guess Adolf Hitler never existed either hmm? its just history.
User ID: 1003668
United States
06/17/2011 07:23 PM
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Re: World to end May 21, 2011 so he says......
so i heard that may 21st 6am why am i still here?

God: beware the rapture on may 21st 6am... thats what she said
crap crap crap

you know what i am going to make up my own bs prophcy

COMEING SOON yellowstone erupts at 6am gmt time

it is done