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The actual New World Order that is here

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34471515
02/25/2013 03:08 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
Hello people of the Earth.

This thread was a probing. On this thread was shown to you earthquake producing technology and some “UFO” type events. That is essentially all that was done for this thread, then I then shared with you some past and ongoing events that have occurred with me; you can either believe those or not…they were as true as I was willing to share.

I’m going to close down this thread now with some perfect parting words. To arrive at some pure and honest words, it is healthy to take words and thoughts into different directions and possibilities. I fully give myself to different mindsets and philosophies to process information from those perspectives. Much of what I wrote here was experimental / directional / probing different directions, and now it is time to step away, remove the confusion, and leave what is pure.

So, we start with the fundamentals. Look at the Earth from space. Down there, you see almost 7 billion beings of the human species and many other genetic beings from all the other species of DNA.

Each being has what we can call a “soul” embedded into their DNA for the duration of a life. Each being exists with an exact genetic code and an exact soul. Beings want to enjoy their lives. Beings want to be happy and live free and feel good. They enjoy learning from other beings that have some wisdom to share. They enjoy teaching other beings that are less wise.

DNA is a branching tree through endless time. It will never be static. It changes through time with the tides of the planet and the cosmos.

Nature is a word that means the universe or the cosmos. It is everything.

The human beings range from the least knowledgeable, to the most knowledgeable and from the least genetically capable to the most genetically capable. Those two spectrum graphs do not overlay exactly atop one another, but they do overlay quite closely when compared; they are bell curves.

Those most capable were able to open Pandora’s box of physics; all that is possible with directed and controlled energy. Hurricanes, quakes, mind-control, etc…endless.

Those beings are the most knowledgeable beings on this planet.

On the spectrum graph of human genetic ability, perhaps the top 20% of those beings have sufficient potential to develop devices that would be able to kill everyone on the planet; and possibly without any malicious intent – just experimenting.

So, how do the most knowledgeable beings deal with this reality?

Look down from space at the Earth. See the ~20,000 beings with the top knowledge on the planet. See the roughly 1 billion beings that have the genetic ability (~intelligence) to develop devices that could end all human life upon the planet.

What is the next move? What is your next thought or decision?

Human DNA branched into different forms throughout the Earth. Some beings developed a tendency to pursue their own happiness by deceiving others which led to their own profit. They became quite skilled, working as a collective group, at infiltrating and deceiving other groups towards their own profit. Lying became a successful method of pursuing happiness for these beings and other, more natural beings, became the raw material for their profit. The victims of the lies, suffered and continue to suffer. Those who would accept the lies better were encouraged to breed more. Those who resisted, were encouraged to breed less and terminated.

You are looking down from space 200 years ago. You see the group of liers controlling the less knowledgeable beings.

150 years later, you look down from space and see the group of liers controlling the less knowledgeable beings, and this time the group of liers have attained mastery of physics and knowledge of how to direct energy to achieve any goal; even a quick doomsday for all on the planet.

What do you think?

You think, “It is important to prevent the doomsday, if these beings want to continue to exist.”

How do the liers prevent the doomsday?

You look down upon the Earth from space during what is known as “the year 2000” to some on the planet, and you notice that people are occupied doing all kinds of things, anything…ANYTHING other than pursing technology directions that would lead to doomsday. Their minds are spinning from birth till death on endless nothings. Only the liers atop global knowledge continue the development of that technology. All else are lied to and kept inside a matrix of lies and brainwashing to prevent a global doomsday. This is accomplished by controlling what enters the eyes and ears of all on the lower part of the pyramid.

This condition prevents global doomsday, and you can see that very clearly as you observe these beings from space. Would you change anything?

Who gets to become a lier? You might ask. Who is willing to become a lier for life? Are people only birthed into that group?

How else can we prevent doomsday? How else can we cause people to do anything other than develop doomsday technology?

Let’s say we tell them tomorrow, on the media, matter of fact how the world had been run by a group of liers for thousands of years. We explain to them how brainwashing works. We explain to them that they can believe whatever they want, but they will know that the new global order is the technology paradigm. We explain that doomsday technology is the reason the world of lies works(ed) for the past 100 years. If we tell them all of this and that we are going to implement a world of honesty and enjoy the fruits of some of that technology in a very controlled way, what would happen?

People all over the world would want to know what that “doomsday” technology is. You then give them a display, one they cannot misconstrue, and you lay out for them what the new global order will be. You explain to them that the fundamental laws of the world, regarding technology production, are the most important laws of this planet and will be governed by a global body. The global body has representatives of all the different people of the planet and they are all in complete and wise agreement as to their mandate – to prevent global doomsday. They have at their disposal an elite military that obsoletes all technology and militaries known to the brainwashed people.

All activities of all people are monitored. Any who break the global laws are dealt with. How they are dealt with depends upon what is necessary. It won’t become fully known what is necessary until the honest global order is implemented and people begin to do what they will do.

After some time passes with this new order, perhaps it will be discovered that some things go terribly wrong. Some groups may just want to develop terrible weapons. Here is the procedure:

1. Imprison them if feasible. If that works, good! Then most can be included in an honest global order.
2. If imprisonment is not feasible due to how many there are, kill them quickly, and then the group of wise sages will attempt to explain this situation honestly to all the people of the world.
3. If that causes others to then not respect the new global order, and they revolt, tell them quite simply, that they need to accept this order, or they too will be killed.
4. If that causes even more to revolt, kill all of them…and so on.
5. The elite military forces and group of wise sages can try their best to explain to the people what this new order is. Perhaps nobody will die. Perhaps only imprisonment will occur and that will be enough for the people to understand the new order. It is an UNKNOWN until it is tried; and there are people who have certainly given this far more critical thought than I have; they might know more about the possibilities. My fundamental point is: Rather than just kill 4 billion right away, why not try this?
6. Those who remain after this “transition” are those who can live in an honest global order.

Wow…WOW ! What else can you say to words like that? So what about Nature? Natural order is order based on living in harmony with the natural environment around you. All people of the planet have a heritage from ancient people that lived in harmony with nature. They embedded natural knowledge of how to live correctly into their culture, and their culture nurtured their breeding decisions through time. If your DNA is still in a reasonably pure form from the natural times upon this planet (more than 6,000 years ago for the middle east area, as little as 1,000 years ago for some European areas, even less than that for some Far East areas, and some areas are still living naturally), you could live in that type of environment, with the weather and sun conditions, with the types of plants and animals and food sources that lived there, and experience an amazing and fulfilling life of great optimized energy and love with your people. In addition, with some genuinely healthy modern advances, you can live in that environment, and live a much longer life than was possible in the ancient natural world – thus achieve even higher states of energy and being than were possible in that ancient world. In addition, you can terraform the biology of other regions of the earth to create local communities that are very similar to how your ancient natural region was like.

If you have a more homogenized form of DNA from many different natural groups (yes, this was often, but not always, caused by brainwashing…that is completely true), obviously you can still live a wonderful life, but it takes time (thousands of years) to develop natural genetic harmony with nature for any given branch of human DNA, and your DNA is less predictable…less understood…than the DNA of the natural groups from long ago. So what do you do? Experiment of course. Just experiment through life, and work with others who have similar DNA to you, and write down new knowledge into a database, and embed that knowledge into a new culture, and you will discover the best ways to eat and move and care for your genetic code; your body and your mind.

And DNA moves through time, always changing, forever.

People of the Earth, I have spoken. What happens next is not up to me, I have just made a suggestion; that is all, and I don’t even know if it is a good suggestion…why? Because I don’t have ALL the knowledge. Those that do have all the knowledge will decide. Perhaps they consider it too much risk to pursue honesty and just prefer to cull the population down, pursue an intense WWIII, or some other option. Well, to that I say, perhaps we can take a risk to try to achieve a more beautiful world. We can try. Whatever the case, I can definitively say, that I am included in the group of semi-knowledgeable beings that move the human world along. I am ready to be more directly included, whenever it is time. I suppose a partial, strategic knowledge release, while retaining the current matrix, would be possible – but I don’t investigate that one; others do that.

Enjoy your life, each moment that you have. Move your body well and right, sleep well and eat right; every molecule matters.
 Quoting: OP 558537

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 09:51 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here

Ok, it's like this:

I am a contributor to the new global order that is going to be implemented shortly.

How did I get this job?

Well, I just kind of fell into it. After 911, I began to write a bunch of shit that was incredibly creative and original. It was seen by various elites and they kept an eye on me. The recent events that Ben Fulford has spoken of are essentially fact. I played a role in preventing the “big event” that could have led to the killing of billions of people; but decisions of that magnitude are a very complex matter and my contribution was but a small percentage – perhaps smaller than I’d like to think, but whatever.

During the past few months, they have directly communicated with me; even to the degree of giving me a secret technology display – that was enough for me to fully get it (although I “got it” way before that and they were the slow party in the relationship). They have listened to what I have said, and they are still listening. They are watching what I’m putting here right now – yes, actual fact. So what you type here is also relevant to how the new global order proceeds forward. They are watching; this is real. Just accept that things can actually proceed forward by typing things in forums. Communication is what life is all about. Our brains are linked by the words we type/speak to each other, so it matters.

Now to the meat of the old and new order:

1. Ancient ethnocentrism
2. Technology paradigm

Today, the old order uses both items above. Ancient ethnocentrism is how the world has been organized for thousands of years, and its basis is deception of the majority by the extremely small minority. I’m sure that will make sense to just about everyone but the really slow people reading this – and to you I say…just follow along with the others.

The technology paradigm was a more recent development with the discoveries of Tesla and others and deals, simply, with doomsday technology. There are many creative ways to kill every human on planet earth with, essentially, the push of a button. Who in here gets that? If you don’t, you have to. You don’t have a choice. I can’t stress that strongly enough. You either get that, or you WILL be enslaved by the new system. We cannot allow development of dangerous technology, period.

The current system exerts of lot of energy keeping every mind enslaved within the “matrix,” and the movie “Matrix” is an exact analogy to the world that the ethnocentric elite strive to maintain. That system is still being maintained today, and will be for a few more weeks…months, and perhaps longer. It depends upon how quickly a safe transition can occur.

The new system involves total honesty – the matrix is retired. Every person knows that there is off limits technology that is very dangerous. We all reap the fruits of that technology, and we see the many amazing things it can do, but its development only occurs under very, VERY controlled circumstances. Laws are all developed around the technology paradigm. Educational systems are all arranged around the technology paradigm. Since we are talking about doomsday, you can be sure that the penalties for a group striving to develop dangerous technology in secret will be quick and likely quite deadly.

Either they die or we all die – rather simple choice.

But the world of keeping secrets is the world we have today. Today the ethnocentric elite strive to maintain endless lies within the minds of the people. That is the danger of today’s system. It’s not possible to keep everyone brainwashed. The probability of technological doomsday actually is much higher with today’s system compared with the new system that is based on honesty rather than deception.

The ancient ethnocentric monkey’s (I’ll not name them but you know who they are) did not want to give up their ancient control, but it has been usurped very recently as Fulford has mentioned. They have yielded and seen the light, FINALLY. I personally had to explain to them that they were going to be the cause of doomsday if they don’t reject their ancient ethnocentrism and replace it with a new system based around the technology paradigm. There is no room for the ancient nonsense of fulfilling their elite ethnocentric pleasures. That is done. Life will still be just as wonderful and pleasant for them, just different, that is all.

The old system involved homogenizing humanity into “one.” That is not necessary in the new system. You’ve been highly brainwashed on this topic and I’m going to type something now that deprograms you very simply. All DNA branches like a tree. We can bind the branches of the tree with a rope, with propaganda, and force all human diversity into "one," thus destroying diversity. Or we can allow DNA to be free, to branch and diversify with nature. The new system is all about honesty and freedom, thus Japan can remain Japanese etc… same throughout the world.

That’s about it guys. Any questions?
 Quoting: Agent 507772

you sure you didn't plagerize another with your self styled "creative writing" and if not let's have an example of such

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 09:58 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
3. I've already finished mine, so I feel sorry for everyone without a doomsday weapon, maybe we'll get to compare ideas at the big evil doomsday weapon convention.
 Quoting: Irdooomed

Doomsday weapons are not a laughing matter, but I do understand your ignorance since you were raised in the dumb-down-the-humans factory called the USA.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

do you really expect people to be conducive to bowing down to someone as condescending as yourself?

or giving you much more than a hard time along the way?

if they wished to send a mediatrix they certainly screwed up royally when they sent in the clown instead
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 10:07 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
Hey agent , can you tell your boss to get me some coffee?

Shut up. Can't you guys ask some good questions...like, for example, what secret technology did they show me; hint.

okay, what did they show you.

and if they agree to this new honesty, how will it effect people's lives?
 Quoting: Spider 475125

Well, that's a good question.

They actually steered a hurricane for me. I was quite surprised when they did this, but they steered it exactly as I asked.

I can assure you, not many people can say they have had a hurricane steered for them, but I am one of the few. You might say that was my initiation into their club. They did a few other very significant things after that, but I'm keeping those to myself.

The new honest world order will obviously make your life beautiful. If you have a Buddhist type of mind, you may already know the states of mind you’ll have in this honest world order. It will be common to be in Nirvana throughout the day to the extent that is natural. You will be your natural, powerful self – and you likely don’t know what that means right now (but I don’t know you so maybe you do have some knowledge of it).

The new technology that will be available will be amazing and fun, but that’s not for me to detail here…simply because I don’t have the details. What I know is still quite limited.

I’m a highly compartmentalized agent working very independently. My focus is the general philosophical understanding of the probable path we will take, and probing people with that information.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

what change would allow people to be in a state of Nirvana throughout the day prey tell?


simply NOT being continually tortured with electromagnetic onslaught?

wouldn't that be the dawn of a new day, indeed
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 10:13 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
How did you obtain your first contact/other form of communication with them?
How would one contact them to lay out an incorporative tactic that would benefit this new order?
And .... what's the one thing you are most sure of in your life?

 Quoting: guildbird 529974

First contact was with a low level authority (secret undercover police) at a lunch. I then sent that low level authority a particular e-mail (won't provide details) which prompted him to hand me off to whomever he handed me off to above him; I haven’t met those people at all.

That's when things like the hurricane steering occurred etc...I communicate with them via the internet; obviously I won't give further details.

They are watching everything you type now. So by all means propose away. If you think the proposal is too sensitive and needs to be kept secret, you don't quite understand the concept of an honest world order. You can type it here, it's OK.

I am most sure that I will die...indeed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

no, you won't die per se

but will be "changed"

you aren't going anywhere Mr.

you will be here for a full thousand years

the onset of which will be most of soon, all things considered

a mere matter of months following the arrival of the so called "aliens"

better known as fallen angels posing as agents of the light

this is bigger than any "world order"

and if you haven't been apprised of such then tis you who've been living in a "dumbed down" matrix-i-cized world

wherein you've come to believe that 'humanity' hereupon will have some say in that which the foreseeable future will bring forth

which simply isn't the case beyond a point

a point which grows closer with each passing day, and hour therein

and what of the "earth changes"

and the "second sun"

since we're being all honest suddenly what can you divulge in these regards?

or have you thrown your hands up and fled the thread for greener pastures?

seems so
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 10:21 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
when r the troops gonna be patrolling nyc streets??
 Quoting: rachel 529732

Things like that could happen, but it's nothing to be scared of. There are too many "it depends" to say when.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

won't much matter as not long thereafter this place will be literally crawling with aliens

and tis they who will sit atop the One World Order system of governmental CONTROL

it's their way or the highway you can rest assured

the ideology of "peace" I daresay seems to have come a day late, and will soon be more than a dollar short indeed

as "the faux Christ with his locust armies" will without doubt arrive...

on the heels of that incoming mega quake

at which point "all bets will be off"

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 10:23 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
o yea, is the whole capturing theory bullshit?

i belive we will be trancending to our higher selves soon.
its all gonna be ok. the transition im quessing will be harder if your attached to this material world. we are all so spoiled and comfortable. the nwo is genius. but what will be will be and nothing can stop this transition.
 Quoting: rachel 529732

the only thing you'll be "transcending" into is massive deception followed by your spiritual body

as for going anywhere, this is it

when the world and the rudiments herein are dissolved with fervent heat

yet will you remain

your goal from that point forward will be to see if you are able to be made meet to be incorporated into the New Jerusalem City of Light

other than that

this is it.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 10:31 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
Ask your bosses to steer a hurricane on Moscow.

And if that wont happen in a week, i will eat my hat.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 529954

There actually will come a time when the technology is revealed to everyone. It would be a global media event and highly coordinated. I may actually be a spokesman in front of a camera during those events...it depends. I suppose how I perform here has something to do with if I get to be the face of enlightenment or not. I do what I can.

This thread is not the forum for that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

looks like you flunked out in that regard


your ego precedes you wherever you go

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/09/2013 10:37 PM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
Ask your bosses to steer a hurricane on Moscow.

And if that wont happen in a week, i will eat my hat.

There actually will come a time when the technology is revealed to everyone. It would be a global media event and highly coordinated. I may actually be a spokesman in front of a camera during those events...it depends. I suppose how I perform here has something to do with if I get to be the face of enlightenment or not. I do what I can.

This thread is not the forum for that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

OK , the final question now, Will RFID become a reality ?
Or any other type of markings ? Im actually not afraid of being tracked, not like i can escape this planet anyway... but i just want to know.

Also, who will be the leaders of this NWO ? is this going to be an institutional base community ? or like something else?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 529954

that will be Satan

and no other

sorry, but that's just the way it is

as an aside however, I am compelled to note that you seem to be perceiving humanity to have some form of doomsday death wish. why else would you be suspect that people would even be interested in creating some type of "doomsday weaponry?"

if you had a clue you'd understand that is the absolute LAST thing that anyone with a lick of sense would be interested in or compelled to do

that whole line of thought escapes me entire on that account alone

is it because those that lie expect others to lie?

and those who are compelled by such things as weaponry expect others to also be thusly compelled?

I am truly asking in all sincerity now, all angst aside

because your focus upon such is questionable, at best

and no, I don't expect a response

but it's of record that I asked nonetheless
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/10/2013 12:40 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
OK , the final question now, Will RFID become a reality ?
Or any other type of markings ? Im actually not afraid of being tracked, not like i can escape this planet anyway... but i just want to know.

Also, who will be the leaders of this NWO ? is this going to be an institutional base community ? or like something else?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 529954

It depends on if that is required for the technology paradigm. Ending ancient ethnocentrism and replacing it with an honest world order based solely on the technology paradigm requires a lot of new thinking. Who runs it will be a meritocracy. It's not a birthright.

There will be no brainwashing. In fact, lying and brainwashing will be offenses for which you could go to prison in the honest world order. It's that serious.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

dictating what one must allow to be done to their body is barbarism, pure and simple

any order, technological or otherwise that attempts to force some mandate upon us accordingly will be met with a blunt rebuke

if that's what's required to acknowledge your ideology of Order it's once again veered directly off into chaos in the guise of order in my book

thanks but no thanks

they've put enough stuff in my body to last me the remainder of this lifetime

and if bodies weren't becoming obsolete at the turn of this Age I'd be far more incensed than I am at present

then again I am widely known for my forebearance en masse and et al

be that as it may

enough is enough in finality
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/10/2013 01:40 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
Absolutely. They are listening now. Do you have perfect plan?

Yes, repent and turn to Jesus the true Lord and Master of this Universe.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 276680

You can believe what you want as long as it doesn't cause you to think you have the right ot develop the off limits technology.

That of which you speak is an ancient form of population mind-control.

Quite sad really...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

of course it was

implemented by stupid folks without a clue

fact of the matter is it's quite real

as is He

what's sad is that you are out of that loop entire and have no real idea of that which you speak

Christ is far more real than any human being upon the earth

and the ones who disbelieve upon Him will be the first to fall to their knees when the FALSE CHRIST appears shortly, doing his best immitation of King of Kings

then and only then will your One World Order come into being

with He atop it calling the shots

those who fall in with him will spend the Millennium in the outer darkness which will indeed prevail upon what remains of the earth

those who stand against him ie the Elect will die and be resurrected into power and glory you can't yet even imagine

just the way it will be
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/10/2013 02:16 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
People, please stop reading the bible as a log of true history...or the future..

Take some responsibility as a free-thinking human being and make up your own mind about reality. You can be even more creative than the people that wrote the bible, and you don't have to fear anyone, or ANYTHING for that matter. Life is so much more beautiful and interesting than what is written in those books that come from a tiny fraction of our past.
 Quoting: Help 519158

just because the Lord hasn't made Himself know to you personally don't expect those whom He has to listen to the rest of you after the fact

just as satan has made himself know to his minions so too has Christ made Himself known to us

just the way it is

so please keep your lack of understanding to yourself where it obviously belongs

we do know of that which we speak, without question, without doubt
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/10/2013 02:20 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
oh, I dó have one question

what's all the stuff about 'death' if people make/use 'illegal' technology in that NWO of yours. What do you see as a problem with dying, to think people can be threatened with that?
 Quoting: R...

I don't know what the exact penalties will be for people who attempt development of the technology.

I think it will be such a small percentage of people that death would not be necessary. Probably just imprisonment...

But if it's an entire society; like a nation, that rebels and decides they have a right to develop the technology and they use physical force to keep people out from inspecting etc...game over. Such things won't be allowed and many will likely die in the process of setting them straight.

Unfortunately, many people are still brainwashed with ancient religions and, as such, they will not consider dangerous technology to be the most significant thing during this life and they will rather think that the "after life" is the most significant thing. Such people are insane and will be treated as such. If they can believe their fantasy and heed the technology paradigm, it's fine.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

you need to know and understand that soon God will no longer be some myth in the minds of the unbelievers

He will make His presence known to all the peoples of the earth

first by sending the false christ, whom all the athiests will believe IS Christ as they are unknowledgable in this regard

they will pay for such during the Millennium

it will not be a golden Age for all concerned by any means

only those who are allowed into the New Jerusalem City of Light

which will be the only Light on earth at that point in time

bye bye Sun

bye bye Stars

bye bye earth as you knew it

hello to the outer darkness which will prevail
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44719247
United States
08/10/2013 02:33 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
Ok... heres a good question for ya, since this thread isnt that popular anyway....

so here is the question:

Why aer you such a looser ?

You meant, Why are you such a loser?

Ummmmm, well...I'm contributing to the new world order...what are you doing?

Before that I obtained a masters degree and designed high level medical devices. What are you doing?

I'm a master at Kung Fu and other other things...How about you?

Anyway, I'm only responding to this because, as you said, this thread is kind of slow right now. That's actually not good. If people cannot understand this, it's going to take a lot longer to implement.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 507772

bottom line is people will need a leader in order to do this - and that leader has to be annointed with the power of God and filled with the Holy Ghost

it just so happens God has someone in mind to send to us to be that leader, and is promised in the bible, but no one teaches it

its the Father, God, coming Himself, as a Son of Man, as a regular looking human being man

anything ur people are working on that God's Man can help you make into RIGHTEOUS WORK, HE WILL HELP YOU DO

we are in rescue mode right now anyways..

keep things on the up and up


anything ur people are working on that God's Man can help you make into RIGHTEOUS WORK, HE WILL HELP YOU DO

( awww I hear u know this already.... GOOD )
 Quoting: Me114

you clearly have no real clue about which you speak with reference to the Millennium Age

and Age wherein NO FLESH WILL ENTER IN

that's why the lion can lie down the with lamb fool

no carnivores, no flesh!!!

can't you read?

get someone to help you with that, please

no technology will be involved during the Millennium Age

the world will be OUTER DARKNESS except for the City of Light

boy are you people gonna be caught off guard at the 7th Trumpet

you clearly have no concept of what's coming

or you wouldn't be quibbling over whether someone might abuse some type of technology

it will no longer be RELEVANT or NECESSARY shortly
Anonymous Coward
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08/10/2013 02:49 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
It is of course the case that we do not make deals... because nobody ever really trusts anyway, and deals will be reneged on if it comes to war, even babies in military staff college know this.

We also do not engage in business or trade much, directly. We find it demeaning to our use of own time, for preference's sake we would rather be socializing, or being potentially communicative with hopelessly stupid individuals who may possibly stand an outstanding chance of becoming persons that we might occasionally notice in passing some day in the not too unremarkable future.

There is one direction in life which does not destroy you, and each has his, or indeed her also, place in that scheme of things as is fitted to his, or her, own unique inner nature. There are thousands upon countless thousands of other directions in life, in most of which many different locations can be found for those aspiring to be what they are not and for others who are not comfortable with what they feel inside of themselves.

By "destroy" I do of course mean Absolutely! This is the only form of destruction worth considering. All other sorts most people recover from, even if they die in the process. This is because there is proof of many things whicn cannot be seen or measured, such as the reality being recreated before your very eyes when groups of the size of a medium nation state or above are involved. This means if you plan a destruction you wish to get into manifested reality in a permanent way you generally need to keep the death toll below around 5-6 million.

Thus, in such an existence, which is like a play pen really, is there any real danger? Yes of course there is. They are twenty four in number, or possibly thirty seven, and they hold the power to destroy all seeded universes within their own being. This is beyond the understanding of those who play with nuclear toys. However, this is why I am olde and a Master whilst they are young and boys, who are yet learning the value of life and what it can be exchanged for. Their lives specifically, however, are roughly worthless, in real market terms, from where they currently stand. To all accounts and purposes, they will stay there for the next thousand years or so.

No I am not available for broadcasts and in public refuse to speak Quechua preffering Aymara and Spanish but never, never English, of course. I am fluent in every world language should I choose to be, that makes little difference. It is a matter of personal preference and settled-on style.

So-za. Yes, the legendary Fu Manchu, yes, Reptilian as you call it also.
 Quoting: Ye Olde Master 529786

condescending lizard ain't ya?


you'll change your tune during the Millennium Mister

or be carted off as if dead

your spiritually dead already

just a hairsbreadth away at this point...

know this
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08/10/2013 02:52 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
You talk about old to new order. You talk about the new honest order.
That does not compute as you are simply replacing one set of rules for another.
The perpetrators behind the old order were always dishonest and deceitful or just plain evil to be blunt. Changing from ethnocentricism to technology paradigm (as you put it), while sounding like impressive concepts to the gullible, amounts to a new name for the scales on the same creature. These are and never were the scales of Divine Justice or Divine Law. No matter which way you manipulate the virtual picture to change the attention of the viewer, unless you follow Divine Universal Law and the Law Of Love, you are merely posturing and trying another angle of deception. I see that poster Yolgnu is one of the few here that actually got the concept that you are offering with your technology and it’s darker implications.

The clue to the complete invalidity of this concept is that you mention Bush and this summit and how they (the so-called elite…actually mafia style gangsters and soulless sock puppets) would have some bearing on the outcome as to their decision to use their weapons of human and earthly destruction or not. They will have no decision in the reality that is approaching and you are obviously not in that loop.
The Real New World that is approaching is not of the order that you and your fellows are talking about and no matter how much you try and cloak your new order in the guise of good and non-destructive vs. the old you are sadly mistaken. The very word ‘order’ in the new world denotes hierarchy and control by an elite and as with the past an unseen hand in the puppets. Nothing will change in this fake new world order except the technology and the outward appearance of some things. With the technology comes even greater deception and the ability to control and remove those that do not fit into this new world tech paradigm with absolute ease. The word honesty is just a word that means nothing without actual intent. Look at all the ‘honest’ politicians that were voted in, not to mention all the ‘honest’ religious leaders leading their flock astray.
Hand on the bible and all that.

You use the word elite a lot and talk a lot about secret meetings for the few to decide the outcomes of the many. Manipulating the fate of the many Good Souls of this world.
The real New World Creation that is coming I am pleased to inform you does not include any participation from Bush and his summits and secret bilderberger meetings, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, world banks and all the other secret elite sponsored and controlled societies. It also does not include contribution or participation from the unseen hands and your secretive superiors that think they are in control of the reigns. The Reign is Over. The concept of elite is over.

To put it into basic terms – compare what you are talking about changing 1 to 2 is the same as the plan with the financial system. Use a fake and self serving (to a few) enslaving system and push it to the limits that you can before it starts to crack or fold in on itself and people start to get wise to the deception en masse, then play the good guys and step in to replace this evil fragmented system with another bigger consolidated evil world system that is even more controlled and devious than before using this technology that you speak of. All you are taking about really is damage control and final implementation of the same scam.

You (OP) say something similar to Fulford in that the elites like R’child and Rck’feller will not lose everything and will be as happy with the new system as with the old – a win win situation as f’ford says. WRONG. Good Souls/Power of the People of the same source Creator WIN and the others LOSE i.e dig their own graves/tombs as they have been doing for millennia. You say that they can kill everyone at the push of a button. You are wrong. They will not be allowed to play out any of these fantasies. The fact that you mention it shows the intent in you to provide fear and a thinly veiled warning. If they try it, it will become a big eye opener as to who really controls these realms.

By The Divine Will and Law the GAME IS OVER - there is no more re-designing and changing around of the pawns and puppets in the same drama to suit – as with the US elections. There will be no more place in the New World for elites and bloodline preference and chosen ones and hierarchical control systems of one group over another whether based on ethnicity or simply technological power.

One last thing to the OP – you seem to have been very impressed with this simple display of steering a hurricane. That is very simplistic and rather old. Would you be even more impressed by an earthquake or other much more impressive celestial events? This is just a tip of the iceberg in terms of the magic tricks available to the real players (not you). That means that we are living in a world run secretly by magicians or so it would appear to most people.
That also means that words and concepts based on politics and technological agreements on weapons systems and dooms day devices is completely and fully INVALID.
The power behind the powers that wanted to be is being removed. That is the only real solution. The surface superficial solutions are just microcosmic specs of nonsense in the big picture no matter how you twist it with the manipulation of language and concepts to try and make it manifest in the mass consciousness. That is why your theories are invalid as they still hide the truth about who is really the unseen controlling power.
Without that in the open everything else is invalid.

As with the huge promising (lying) political speeches before elections. It all amounts to absolutely NOTHING once the decisions have been made out of the ears of the lowly masses and the Power of the People has been deferred to the power of the black magicians.
Screw the new world order. It’s simply a NEW WORD ORDER. Yes ‘word’ order. Deception by words (and technology).
The new world odour stinks. You can keep it.

There is a much more beautiful and Divinely Just future awaiting, that is simply a return to spiritual awareness and what we once were and Really Are before the dark ones stepped in with their agenda.
 Quoting: WL1 364634

Amen China


the only new world order that will supplant the present tense will last a mere five months


following which all those who bowed to same will be marked and branded accordingly

and their faces will be as "flames" during the Millennium Age

it's closing in upon us as we speak

we are a mega quake away from the sixth trumpet

and return of the dubious ones

the locust armies of the real beast

satan posing as Christ
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08/10/2013 03:26 AM
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Re: The actual New World Order that is here
I am sorry to dissapoint Ms Inanna but Kaos (no matter how it is spelt) does not properly exist and is merely a fiction created by the inability of lesser minds to pierce the complexity of things which are beyond their comprehensive abilities. That having been said, it does sound cool and sexy so and thus is a fiction we wholly agree with and would be very inclined to support the illusion thereof!

To answer the uspoken question of the moderation team I am pleased to repeat that yes, I do get slightly amused from repeating the same insights and directions over and over again to the same bunch of twittering fools, in whose number I exclude myself even though we might, possibly, share a similar though still highly different genetic heritage (is it the same car if you drive it very differently, and change its engine also?). However, as Time progresses we repeat those insights and directions within a different context and I am wholly pleased to report that, to the system's credit, she is finally putting on a better show of it, now that She is a bit more evolved and less egocentric about the whole process.

I am of course of the opinion that it is as well to respect my old tutor, Aristotle, whose dictum that repetition forms the basis of tuition has never failed me yet: this is for the simple reason that, sooner or later, people find that they run out of karmas to fuel their same objections and do, in due course, with a subtle inevitability to the process, come to realise that the context is no longer supportive of their old positions and familiar, by no worn, excuses or, ahem, justifications and very valid reasons supported by solid scientific research which is, of course, merely another form of repetition (though a less firmly anchored one, being mired in relatively recent history only).

This would also be, amongst other reasons, why I counsel people against attempting to fight the Whole-E Greeks: they happened to have programmed the whole "Fall in Consciousness" thing from before its occurence, timing it with exacting precision to return them to their initial state (where they started from when they were programming it). I believe it was an efficiently-designed war motion at the time against people of, at the time, Red sking who did, at the time, view themselves themselves as a lot more invincible than the current American, Russian or Chinese administrations all together combined do, would or could. The reason for their perceptions, at the time, of which they were quite wholly convinced, at the time, was because of their exceedingly advanced state of technology relative to the surrounding nations and species, at the time.

The lesson of the occurence, which can and possibly will be repeated, is that technology, no matter its might, will not save you from your own inner weakness. However, it may well incovenience others to demonstrate this to you, for which they will cause a lot of hurt and pain to visit you until they consider you 'properly enlightened to the extent that you are permissable in civilized society once more, plus a bit more on top of that just to hurt them and make sure that people remember that we do not forget old scores'. Yes, every single one of you, individually, plus the whole lot of them as a group and culture and way of life together also. They need to be taught humility before their betters. That is, if I recall aright, how the motion was phrased at the time it was being discussed.

Now, of course, is a much more recent history which have not been through before in a countlessly repititve precssional cycle that was always doing the same thing. And a good thing, for predictability in routine is inviting attack, do you not agree? Why then would a time loop be initially designed in such a manner and allowed to proceed of its own course approximately 11.5 times already? Precisely so that it might be defeated using a minute correction in angular momentum would be my quite judicious conclusion which may be partially understood by those who have properly studied the precessional cycle.

 Quoting: Soza 529786

star of David processional

most telling indeed

twin being right on schedule and most definitely directly on the money

to the day/date/hour

birth of a new Age to follow

'; )


This Flag Represents The Principle, "Fight For What You Believe In."

This Is The Rebel Flag, "You're Either Free Or You're Not."