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Amazing Technology - New Oil from Algae with Self-Contained Algae Production Harvested Daily

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/19/2008 12:50 PM
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Amazing Technology - New Oil from Algae with Self-Contained Algae Production Harvested Daily
How it Works

OriginOil uses vertical stacks of a network of helix bioreactors in a self-contained algae production system. The algae are then divided into algae biomass and algae oil using an extraction subsystem. A cascading production strategy is in place to harvest 90 percent of matured algae and use the remaining 10 percent for the production of more algae. OriginOil uses low-cost and energy efficient oil extraction method by pre-cracking algae cell walls through microwaves and then using Ultrasonic Quantum Fracturing to separate oil from mass. [4]

Quantum Fracturing - Quantum Fracturing technology greatly enhances the efficiency of algae production and makes it cost-effective and viable.
Helix Bioreactor - The heart of the OriginOil system is the Helix BioReactor™, an advanced algae growth system that can grow multiple layers of algae biomass around-the-clock with daily harvests.
The OriginOil System - The OriginOil System addresses traditional algae production problems in both the growth and extraction stages.
Algae growers already know that algae can expand rapidly if given the space. Once fully mature, it will then stabilize and grow very little. Expand the space by a factor of ten, and the algae population will explode to occupy the new volume - in as little as a day.

This is called the 'log phase', or 'logarithmic phase', a period of growth when cells increase exponentially. Growers typically incubate an algae population in a smaller vessel and then release it into a larger tank, to turn over production rapidly and achieve continuous batch processing.

OriginOil's Helix BioReactor™ growth vessel adds the efficiency needed to combine incubation and larger tanks in one. Once the algae matures, 90% of it is transferred for harvesting, and the 'green' water purified and returned to the growth tank. The remaining 10% is then allowed to expand into the Helix BioReactor, and the process is repeated.

“OriginOil's Cascading Production is unique because the expansion tank is the same as the incubation tank”, said Director of Development Nicholas Eckelberry. He went on to explain, “You don't have to reincubate each batch: The remaining algae culture is already mature and is ready to enter the log phase after each harvest.”

Paul Reep, senior technical advisor, added, “With as many as 24 growth planes per foot of depth, the Helix BioReactor is aimed at enabling Cascading Production. We look forward to demonstrating this in our forthcoming prototype and pilot systems.”

[link to peswiki.com]

Now if they could produce "food grade" algae/spirulina... They could feed the world indefinitely too.


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