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Message Subject I Saw a String of Morphenigenic Glow in the Dark Birds
Poster Handle Shell
Post Content
My son and I also saw pair of very large birds fifteen years ago. He was ten years old then. It was quite traumatic for him. I thought that I was dreaming, but I pinched myself and I felt it. The birds looked like prehistoric birds. We tell very few people because it sounds so crazy. (And no, I wasn't drinking or taking drugs). It was in Stanford, California. The birds had wing spans on them which were about six feet wide and they seemed to glide effortlessly above our car. They were incredibly close to us, only about ten feet away. There was another car in front of our car. So whoever was in that car must have seen them too.

We thought that there must of been something spiritual about this, but recently there was kind of an explanation. There was a show about similar birds seen in New Guinea. A group of researchers went to hopefully catch one, in hope that they could study them. Hundreds of locals have seen these birds. As several of them were interviewed. Also, there was an eye witness westerner who was interviewed too. The scientists don't really know what they are, but they seemed to believe that there is something to this since so many people have seen them.
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