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Message Subject I Saw a String of Morphenigenic Glow in the Dark Birds
Poster Handle Dude-Fish
Post Content
I have just come back to the UK after a cruise in the Caribbean, on one night at about 1am i was on the balcony of the ship which was in the middle of the Caribbean sea and everything was pitch black out to sea. I was stood on the balcony outside our cabin having a cigerette before going to bed, just looking out to sea and relaxing in the quiet. This was the point where i thought i saw something in the sea to the side of the ship, it was very dark and i could sea what looked like two white objects around 40 to 50 metres to the side of the ship. The strange thing about it and which kept me fixed on the objects was the fact that they seemed to be perfectly still, no pitch and roll as if on top of the water, and no side to side movement. As i stood looking at these white objects they suddenly got brighter and closer to the ship. when the two objects were about 25 feet from the ship, just to the left of them around 20 to 30 smaller odjects light up out of the dark and glowed bright white. It was at this point that i realised they were some kind of bird, the two i saw initially were the largest and the rest were about half the size, they flew to within about 10 feet of the ship and chirped as they turned and flew to the back of the ship and then up and over the top deck.

The weirdest part of it was the fact that these birds glowed brightly in the pitch dark, and as they turned they changed the colour of the glow from white to yellow, then to orange and then to red. they flow up over the top of the ship, and thenout into the dark but as they flew further away they glowed bighter and changed colour. I watched these birds totally amazed as they glowed and changed colour untill they faded and stopped glowing.

Now i know that they didnt get further away and hence i couldnt see the glow so weel and then no more. I could see the bird was still the same distance from the ship, around 40 feet ish, it was the glow which got dimmer and then went out. I stood there watching for about a min or two thinking about what i had just seen and still looking in the same direction as the last bird which had just gone out so to speek, when it glowed up again really bright, changed colour again fadded and then was gone.

I am not the sort of person who sees things, which are not there, i tried to wake my wife so that i could show her, but she was having none of it, so unfortunatly it was only me who saw them, but its seems to be in the same sort of area and and always around the sea that people have seen these birds, so i though i would tell you what i saw.

I incidently have not told anyone else about this apart from my wife and eldest son, who have joked and taken the mick out of me all the way back until i found this page.

Now she wishes she had got up! as she knows i would not make it up, and it fits exactly with some of the descriptions on here as.

A. the lights were on the back of the birds
B. the wings were weird and it seemed as if flying was effortless in a way(i would describe the wings as like that of a dragonfly but much bigger)
c. they looked as if they changed shape, but as they got so close i could see that the lights which were down the entire lenghth of the bird were controlled indipendantly and could light in such ways as to make the bird appear to change shape.
D. they kept glowing up and then just going out, giving the illusion of the birds just dissappearing.

I would love to hear you thoughts, or from anyone else who has seen these birds.

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