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Message Subject I Saw a String of Morphenigenic Glow in the Dark Birds
Poster Handle Brannon
Post Content
I saw one of these at around 1am on 12/12/12 while on the verandah of my stateroom aboard the Disney Fantasy off the coast of Costa Maya, Mexico. At first I thought I was watching a UFO dart back and forth across the sky at amazing speed. My wife and daughter also saw this and my daughter ,who is 2 years old, remarked "it's Peter Pan". I watched the "UFO" for around 2 hours in total disbelief while it continued to dart back and forth from one end of the sky to the other within a span of only 5-10 seconds each direction. It appeared to go above and below the sparse clouds in the sky and the bright glow seemed to either fade or disappear completely as at approached the ends of the sky. Eventually the "UFO" appeared very close over the edge of the ship and I could make out what appeared to be very long bird wings. A bit later I saw another bird with the exact same long wings but it did not glow at all. The non-glowing bird did seem to be flying a similar flight path to the glowing one though, and it appeared to be interacting with it from time to time. I don't know why one of these birds would have such an obvious glow and the other non at all.
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