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Message Subject Urgent WARNING about alien presence on earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My mom knew. She was abducted while she was pregnant. She came back with a tiny tracking device in her knee and a small scar like from a big needle on her tummy. Right after she gave birth to me, the tracking device on her knee disapeared.

Later in life psychics kept telling me that I didn't come from earth and that I have aliens watching over me, making sure I don't die.

I also happen to have UFOs following me.

Plus I was told through dreams and other means, the things I was to do and what was already happening in the government.

OP, your malevolent aliens are already here, and have been here for many millennia mettling in earth politics and human evolution. Some like to give us a little push.
 Quoting: Spectrum Blue

Spectrum Blue, these are all markers for mind control. It doesn't mean you are a hybrid.

What was it you were told you are to do, and what about the government?
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