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Message Subject Urgent WARNING about alien presence on earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Aliens are human just like people from earth.
Just as earth has people who want to mess with 3rd world countries, you have aliens who want to mess with earth. Also, you have people of earth who want to help those in need such as 3rd world countries and those who are homeless, starving and diseased, you have aliens who want to do the same thing. We are human. Even if we're half earthling and half whatever planet we're from.

You appear to be a beautiful, loving lady. I would be honored to meet such a noble person, I would consider royalty above any here on earth.

People have a construed concept that all aliens take non-human forms such as having green blood flowing in their veins, who have no digestive systems, communicate only telepathically, etc. I've heard of "ultra-human" aliens whose internal organs might be a bit different or arranged a slightly differently than those of us on earth.

Thank you very much AC. I am not royalty though and do not want to be treated as such. It's not fair to earth which is just as important as other planets.

And yes, we do have red blood. I've been stuck with needles long enough and have seen my blood flow out of my veins often enough that I know it's red. I also know that blood turns brown when it dries.

I've also gotten sick so many times and have had my heart removed by human doctors twice(heart transplants), they would have known if my organs weren't in the right place or missing. I've got the same things everyone else has. Including cute freckles. =^.^=
 Quoting: Spectrum Blue

I'm so sorry to know that you've been ill. You mentioned dialysis tomorrow. You must rest and take care of yourself.

I just came across some good reading about extraterrestrial humans here: [link to www.astrosciences.info]

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