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Message Subject Urgent WARNING about alien presence on earth
Poster Handle Spectrum Blue
Post Content
Spectrum Blue, the RCC is evil to the core. They are not influencing my thinking on aliens.

Are you saying that the ideas you have about your purpose here, and your ambassador role, have been revealed in dreams? What are the lions you metion? Were they in the dream state?

I'm very sorry about your husband. Do you think your meeting and marriage may have been manipulted by someone else?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 385176

No. Just me. I did say no 3 times and the 4th I gave in. There are reasons why I got married that I choose to discuss because it's too personal. And it has nothing to do with aliens. Just my own stupidity.

The lion reminded me of Aslan. My mom was driving from Las Vegas to Greely Colorado, and it was 3 in the morning when we arrived in greely. My mom decided to stop at K-Mart to buy flowers for Grandma.

I feel asleep in the car in the parking lot and suddenly I woke up to a lion outside the car window. I was scared at first, but I got out of the car and the lion helped to ease my fear. Everything He told me got lost. I can't remember any of it.

But when the time comes (maybe when war threatens to hurt or kill my family, I will know. Maybe when aliens make themselves known in public without memories being erased. Maybe not.
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