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Message Subject Urgent WARNING about alien presence on earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Spectrum Blue, honey, write a book or something. You are not part alien, though I am sure you'd like to believe that. But if you go to get your blood tested you will discover that you are 100% human and that no alien impregnanted your mother and created you. This is so sad. I hope you arise from your delusions.

I am not saying this to put you down and I know you do believe this story, but honey, I don't think it is true. I don't think it is even possible. I hope you haven't met your father, LOL? Oh what do I say? Nothing, so go ahead and believe as you wish. But I hope you don't tell too many people this story because they will assume you have lost your cotton pickin, if you get what I'm laying down here.
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