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Message Subject Urgent WARNING about alien presence on earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've got a question for those who believe in aliens on Earth trying to steal our resources...

If they have the technology to get from one star system to another, which involves the ability to warp space itself, why would they NEED our resources?

Hydrogen is the most prevalent element in the universe. If you can warp space, you have the ability to gather hydrogen and use fusion reactors to process it into energy and just about any other element you want.

That means they can MAKE anything they want.

So... Why are these super advanced aliens bothering with Earth?

You have no way of knowing what you claim, what they can or cannot do, or what they want.

Have you taken ANY classes in basic physics??? What part of anything I've said isn't supportable by even just a cursory search through a library? Instead of claiming things about me, answer the fucking questions! Why would any race advanced enough to travel between stars need our dinky little world??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 533031

Yours is an HYPOTHYSIS, and nothing more.

There is no way to determine where these aliens come from, how they get here, or what they know about physics that humans haven't yet figured out. Whatever the case may be, they are abducting people and many of these people claim to have had sexual procedures done on them. I DO think that many "alien" abductions are, in fact, human, as in Satanic Ritual Abuse, but not ALL.
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