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Message Subject Urgent WARNING about alien presence on earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That sucks.
I will pray for you.
Just to jesus. not the preist or mary or some stupid "saint" just Jesus.
he will help.
I know, i know, yeah whatever. But i will still do it.
By the way aliens are not from other worlds or galaxies.
just demons messing with humans.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 516242

I'm not backwoods idiot who likes to drink beer and take pot shots- with my buddy- at satellites I think may look like "those dem You Eff Ohs".

I have dealt with demons before and they aren't a picnic. Faaaar from it. Demons are different from the different "alien" beings that buzz this world every now and then.

The demons belong to the immaterial. The strong do have the tendency to possess the spiritually weak and therefore step from the immaterial to the debatable material and seemingly very real.

From experience, I do know that everything in this world, everything we touch, feel, see, hear, and taste, along with everything percieved with our extra senses, is completely debatable. We are alone in our perceptions. We are alonein our experiences, for no one can claim to go through the exact same thing we have. No one can claim our exact point of view. For every view there is a nearly imperceptable nagging doubt.

And for the condescending asshole who thinks an alien inseminated my mother, they were right. As she tells it that alien was legal, and from mexico. I knew him until about the age of two when he got violent with me because I was crying and he couldn't handle that his wife was tired of his abuse and neither could I. Incidently he grabbed me by the back of my head and the bottom of my lip and flipped me onto the bed. Thank goodness that bed was in the way of the floor or results might have been different.

Anyway to answer any question, I am a norwegian hispanic human. My mom does like to think that I'm a starchild or hybrid, and others think I'm not from earth. Most of these people have never met eachother and have come up at different parts of my life.

I do have quite a bit to say about the humanity of "outer space aliens" that those who actually KNOW instead of lazily channeling what some think are aliens but are most likely a few naughty post life spirits trying to have a good time, or a digruntled demon or two wanting to find a group of idiots to mislead. And I have bibles to say about morons who can't even grasp the reality of their own lives let alone judge those who believe differently to be insane.
I think I'll just stick to being burned at the stake along with Capurnicus. I'm not about to take back any of my beliefs or ideas any time soon.

Do remember, we are heliocentric, not ecocentric. If you have any questions as to the planets' movements, please put them in writing and we will create a youtube video laughing at every written question.

For the morons who don't understand: YES I'M LAUGHING AT YOU. Bah yeeeee!
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