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Message Subject I Got Banned, Not Sure Why, Little Help?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes, Chases, linking to that site is not allowed on this site and trips the autoban.

But that's what's weird, that's NOT the site I posted a link to; furthermore, when I posted the site which I DID link to in this OP, I used only the site name, no 'www' no 'com', and the letters of the site URL entered with a space in between each letter - but even then, when I hit to post, GLP changes the site (and spaced letters of the site name) to what you see NOW in the OP.
Where you see "Gas oven" in this thread, as in the Humvee post, is where I typed in the site of where I was TRYING to link to, as well as when I tried to just spell out the site with spaces, changes to gas oven !!

And no, clearing the IP would obviously be futile, as I forced an IP change to post. Was just looking for insight.
 Quoting: Chases Tumbleweeds

Don't post the name of the site you dumb twat.
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