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Message Subject I Got Banned, Not Sure Why, Little Help?
Poster Handle Chases Tumbleweeds
Post Content
Most likely an auto ban from a "Bot" system manager. I wouldn't take it seriously. It happened to a lot of folks here. It happened to me, just last week. It's not like I said anything bad either. Don't worry about it.
 Quoting: mj-13

Oh it was definately a computer generated ban, as it was instant. The poster before you touched on a rivalry going on between the two. I was just trying to find out what, so I don't have this occur again.

Of the router, yes, that's what I do. But it's a bitch for two reasons -

[1] my ISP is a major bitch to release from
[2] my desk is incredibaly customized, and access to devices is, well, a pain in the whazoo.
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