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Message Subject I Got Banned, Not Sure Why, Little Help?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
MAC Spoofing

ok, I see what you are talking about now.

My ISP doesn't care what MAC the router clones. Oddly enough, cloning is a force issue, as to use the router MAC gets no connection. I inquired a tech about this, he said the modem is hardocoded via the ISP to detect a router, and will not address it, it has to be the MAC of a NIC.

The 'Sticky IP' goes as far as the modem. Cloning a different MAC of another PC on the LAN is moot, I can do that all day long and still retain the same IP.

My only ooption has been to release and bypass the router, set the TCP/IP to auto, reset the modem, then obtain a new IP. Once that is done, the router is put back in the scenario, TCP/IP back to LAN - the same IP that I just obtained via the NIC as auto-obtain is still in the modem, and then becomes the IP the router is addressed.

My shift key is tired now, lol.

 Quoting: Chases Tumbleweeds

Wonder how it detects it. Sounds like a hostname issue. Well what works for you works for you I just hate to see you have to put your pc in the line of fire like that if only for a few seconds.
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