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Feeling of love

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10/22/2008 08:43 PM
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Feeling of love
I very much like this beautiful planet, she even from space very beautifully looks!
People, you at all do not represent, as to you has carried, that you are on a planet the Earth during such time!
Now, behind the events occuring on this planet, observe all reasonable essences of our galaxy! You are surprised? Yes, but it so!
The person as the kind, very much differs from other reasonable essences in the universe. The person has what is not present or not so is advanced at other extraterrestrial reasonable essences. And it is feeling which is the strongest energy in the universe!!! This feeling which is capable to create even the new worlds in the universe! And this feeling refers to - love!

People, please, do not forget this feeling! Now on the Earth there are strong changes. This time is similar to when the child starts to mature, understand an event, to realize world around. And right now the future of a planet depends on each person the Earth. People create the future. In fact, that you will sow, will grow! And love, it just that influences all mankind as a whole. For example, if the child has grown without love of parents or people surrounding him and thinks that as it is necessary to live and is farther. In result the child grows harmful, aggressive, hating others people. From here and his negative acts. Very seldom, when the child realizes, that he has not received love from people surrounding him, can transfer feeling of love to anothers then.

Feelings, it too vibrations. As circles on water they miss in space and are reflected in all alive essences. You, probably, noticed, when you have seen or have heard something negative you started even to be afraid with hatred and irritation. Or when to you express feeling of a recognition, gratitude or love, and at you on a body there passes the pleasant shiver bringing pleasure and uplifting up all body. Yes, it occurs to all. And all people practically mutually react to feelings.

If with good feelings to you it is clear, that nothing to take offence at them. That how to be, if negative feelings were reflected in you? First of all, it is not necessary to reflect them back. Try to transform negative feelings in positive. Try to find out a source which has caused negative energy. Usually the person radiating a negative, has not received or does not receive love and support from other people.
In one case it is possible to address to this person as to the child who has been deprived by parental love, and to try to suggest him to solve the arisen problem as the reasonable parent, with love and tenderness.

In the other case, it is possible to present itself on his place and to his situations. And, if you, in his case would act in another way try to tell to it{him} a similar situation which was once with you. In any case it is not necessary to direct back negative energy. Situations in a life can be much, and resolve her you can. Know that all situations which arise in your life, are caused by you or are intended for you! Sometimes there is, that an arisen situation in your life, can help someone or resolve whose problem. Do not think, that any negative has clung to you casually. No, anything casual in this life is not present! Know, that arising negative situations arise to be resolved. Means, or you can help someone, or you someone.

Give people love, and she will be reflected from their hearts, will amplify in tens times and will return to you! Certainly, in any case, the love should not be persuasive, and should go in all sincerity with pure thoughts!