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Subject Anyone Catch Obama Speech Today? 22 Oct
Poster Handle Chases Tumbleweeds
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I debated posting this, as it will surely turn into another juvenile political bitch fest, but I am slightly bothered about something on the TV today.

I was flipping channels for a bit, around 9:30 am EST, and saw a ticker on one of the msm news stations, that said was put as an ALERT, that Obama was to address the nation after a session with some Security agency, or something (I don't do politics or gov).

When he did come on, all I could see was that he was talking about the economy, and same old crap, but was not campaigning.

The thing is, his demeanor was COMPLETELY different after the meeting he had come out of, even the look on his face was verrrrry different. It was as if he was informed of something in that meeting which he could have never imagined.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this. or know what I am refering to? I can find nothing about it anywhere, news sites nor Google. But it doesn't help that I can't recall what the name of the agency he had this session with was.

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