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Message Subject Anyone Catch Obama Speech Today? 22 Oct
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This seems to coordinate with the theory that his trip to Hawaii is less about his Grandmother and perhaps more about a meeting with very high ranking military. This would portend a briefing on something. If it were the economy I doubt high ranking military would be involved thus I would hypothesize that it has to do with anticipated military action by someone somewhere or the necessity to use military to keep order here for some reason.
 Quoting: ANNONYMOUS 272356

After listening to Fulton (sp) on Rense video, I think they might have told Obama that America is being taken over by the 'whitehats', which the military is a part of.

I remember Majestic telling us that the Military was no longer taking orders from Bush, which would mean the ones who have been controlling us in secret.

This was 2 or 3 month ago that Majestic said that.

Search Majestic if you want to read all that he said. It's all on one thread.
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