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Petition Unseal Obama's Birth Record

Justice For Voters
User ID: 538580
United States
10/30/2008 04:56 AM
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Petition Unseal Obama's Birth Record
As American citizens who put these politicians in office we have no standing when it comes to challenging as to whether or not a candidate is a natural born citizen of our Country. We have a right to know why Barack Hussien Obama took time out from his campaign to fly to Hawaii and request that his birth record be permanently sealed by the Governor who complied.
Why would anyone want to seal their birth record? The only person doing such a thing is a person who has something to hide. We need to know which Country Obama pledges allegiance to, is it Indonesia, Africa, or the United States.
Whether you are a republican, a democrat or independent you are still a citizen of this Country and it is shocking that we the people who vote them into office and pay their salary, have NO STANDING to file a lawsuit as did Philip Berg questioning Obamas citizenship. The case was dismissed for that very reason...no standing.

Sign the petition and pass it on to everyone you know, we have a right to know who we elect, this is the url:

[link to www.thepetitionsite.com]