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Beyond The Milk and Honey

relayer, Yes
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United States
10/30/2008 01:40 PM
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Beyond The Milk and Honey
Beyond the Milk and Honey
In a time of relative "milk and honey", though yet within the Fall . . . the curse reforms such that the great pitfall exists in the danger of a life lived mostly at ease, with little challenge, and a semblance of a Garden state, so that the yet utter flaws and failures and sin within one . . . remains largely unknown.

This is very dangerous, and in many respects--though physically more pleasant--more to be feared and regretted than a life lived in times of great stress and trial and even persecution.

When all seems to be well, the being assumes it is favored of God, and basks in the delusion that material blessing is of necessity, a sign of grace, whereas, it is far more likely the velvet smotherings of the Seducer, keeping one asleep, unaware, and wholly ignorant of the great necessity to realize one's awful condition of separation from Godhead.

A false joy, a sensual pleasure, a satisfied gut, the trite caresses of wind and sun and water soothe the walking beast, and install a veritable dream-state, guided by dark and sinister but crafty seducing airs . . . and the loss of innocence and fall from grace are barely noticed, if at all, and seemingly not worth the bother in resurrecting, correcting.

But in times of trouble--an era of war and lack and pestilence, threat, rampant degeneracy, roving wickedness voracious to find and destroy all that is good . . . . THEN, one can ascertain the fruits of the Fall, where mankind rules itself, directed by an arch rebel, and where all manner of vice and folly quickly assume shape and result, which brings massive suffering, ugliness, despair and finally destruction . . . .

It is a blessing to live in such times, where the contrast is so stark, between that which is GOOD and of God . . . and that which is of LIES and CORRUPTION, wrought be self-interested Deceivers, seeking pleasure and gain, only for physical and mental self, but banishing the charge of Spirit, making war on the saints . . . bringing ignominy and disgrace, eventually to one and all.

Within that horrid mix . . . the one blessed to live in such a time . . . can easily discern what is RIGHT and what is WRONG; what is HOLY and what is TRASH; what is BLESSED and what is CURSED! Thank God, you do not live in a time or a place, where ease abounds and a deceptive bounty dulls the righteous instinct and blurs discrimination between that which is of subtle, pure SPIRIT and that which is merely material pleasure.

It is suffering and hardship, challenge and struggle, which fires the soul and aligns the spirit, to find clear path to that which is eternal and of Heavenly import, magnificent beyond all external eye and beastly trodden mind . . . .

The glories to be obtained by the humble servant, who sacrifices temporary gain for endless, GOD GIVEN bounty, under direction and in accordance with divine principle, divine love, divine intention . . . should not be mentioned in the same breath as the miseries experienced to gain them . . . for the former so far outweighs the latter, that it borders on insult to consider it!

In your heart you KNOW THIS to be true, which is why you BELIEVE and why you carry on, though tested, knowing that ALL is known by the Creator, done on His behalf, and that nothing shall be lost, from that sincere effort which seeks HIS FACE, HIS NAME, HIS GLORY.

God bless you today, for He is with you, to guide and sustain you, AMEN!
your friend, in Jesus, brother thomas
Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/30/2008 01:48 PM
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Re: Beyond The Milk and Honey
oh i thought you were talkin about milkin a honey. Nothin like drinkin a sisters boobie milk.

User ID: 536346
United States
10/30/2008 05:07 PM

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Re: Beyond The Milk and Honey
Please pray for me: I used to be a Good Christian™, until I got a hold of some kind of fruity "love" bullshit and decided I need to be less harsh on people.