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Subject Lets discuss the movie DEEP IMPACT from 1998
Poster Handle TheLovedOne
Post Content
I watched the movie years ago...

then watched it again 2 years ago...

and then i watched it again a couple of nights ago...

Heres what I do know the movie foretells

1.An Event that will wipe mankind from the planet

2. The President in the movie is black

3. The president tells the public that a Noahs Ark Seed Vault has been created

4. The president tells the public why the International Space Station with the Russians has been built

5. The president tells why the troops have been called home to serve on our own soil.

6. The president tells why the economy is bad.. because they funnelled the money to build the life saving bunkers

7. The rescue mission is called The Messiah (sound familiar?)

8. The President tells that people have already been preselected by "random" social security numbers....


go through the list of events potrayed in the movie and see if you can see what i see....

On Tuesday we might have a black president...almost done

Noahs Ark seed vault... done..started building it in 2005 I think. Again, movie is from 1998

International Space Station began construction back in 1998.... the movie mentions it in 1998.... Done

U.S. Troops deployed at Northern Command Oct 1st 2008.. Done

The economy was manipulated......uhhhhhhh done

The Messiah also known as Obama is here to change and rescue things.... done

DNA gathering has reached a fever pitch over the last few months..years....they wont settle for "random" picking of who survives and gets to go underground... only the best of the DNA will get chosen... but thats just my take on it.... so Done

ok discuss or slam... either way lets figure out whats hidden in plain site
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