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Subject Lets keep it simple: the ones being wrong are constantly attacking, bashing, smearing Obama, while they cannot bring up some good reasons to defence
Poster Handle Mercurius
Post Content
That simple it is actually.

You see the likes of PACNWguy, SHR, Lotus Feet and Apocalypse troll attacking Obama.

You don't see those people defending McCain and bringing up substantial points why people should vote for him.

That tells a lot.

The farfetched accusations of 'marxism' and 'communism' dont mean a thing.
Simple black-white, disney-like behaviour, the kind of accusations being made by simple rednecks, lacking some life-experience.

Obama might be left of center, but the way these shortminded gnomes here are dealing with it simply shows how much they lack when it comes to understanding politics, sociology and life.

They seem to think that bashing the opponent makes sense. Well it only can make sense when you use your common sense, and stray away from old-fashioned, small-minded redneck-prejudices.

To put it simple: the USA is part of the global society right now, not some fairy-tale country for anxious, shortminded, ignorant rednecks...that is your problem.
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