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Message Subject Why is Obama posing as Jesus Christ in Kenya during his 1988 visit to the Country? Photos, News, Wiki Confirms his visit.
Poster Handle Ernesto Sandoval
Post Content
According to many Muslim scholars, the Mahdi will also:

- have one green eye and one brown eye

- be ambidextrous and double-jointed

- have Asperger's Syndrome

- like spaghetti a whole lot

- be fond of ballroom dancing

- play dice

- have a pet raccoon named Steve

- take Japanese origami, or paper-folding classes

- speak with a pronounced Southern drawl

- have a duodenal ulcer

- have a girlfriend named Jessie

- sleep with a Teddy bear

- have a really annoying laugh

- drive a Ford Focus

- enjoy old "Three Stooges" videos
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