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Message Subject Why is Obama posing as Jesus Christ in Kenya during his 1988 visit to the Country? Photos, News, Wiki Confirms his visit.
Poster Handle JunkMan
Post Content
Hey coward -

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 517231
11/2/2008 11:51 AM

Stay away from the holy water - you might get burned.
It isn't RACE - it's - true/false..yes/no..right/wrong..ying/yang..up/down..Christ/antichrist.

You and your kind just want to live in the past..well here is a news flash.. Your people SOLD YOU OUT - go back and collect from them or better yet just move there.. it's old news and your view won't work anymore. Spew your distasteful tongue elsewhere.

Christ was born in Israel...
Obama says he was born in Hawaii...

Opposite sides of the world.

Get you maps out and see for yourself.
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