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Message Subject UFO Fleet Dream
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i got those too. but mine are NOT the grays. my ufos are mostly of more complex forms. also there are boomerangs, triangles and what not.

it'll come, most people just don't know...yetwink

the grays once tried to deceive me in a ufo fleet dream, and their saucers immediately were shot down.

I hear you, the three triangular shaped ones, not like the phoenix lights but actually triangles were say in charge?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 123922

triangles don't belong to the grays. what i've recently noticed:

i usually go out in the night to look for 'activity' in the sky.

most of the time i see those neat 'flying stars'. one time those flying stars were EVERYWHERE around me in the sky. then, all of a sudden two huge low flying and orange glowing boomerang ufos appeared and the flying stars went away.

in the dream were the grays saucers were shot down, the laser beam came from directly from above earth...and the saucers went boom. it was a huge enormous ship in the shape of a long stretched triangle with two 'ears' at the rear end.

the ship can't land because it's way too big to do that.

i got these ufo dreams non stop now. recently the sky is always filled with low flying ufos of different shapes...but no saucers anymore.
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