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Message Subject UFO Fleet Dream
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Last night I awoke from a strange dream...I looked up at the sky and saw a fleet of the standard type flying saucers hovering, gliding say 5000 feet above me. After I noticed the fleet of say 10 of these UFO's, I then saw in front of them say 3000 feet above the triangular kind, three of them,

I believe others have posted their UFO dreams here recently.
Any ideas of why I dreamed this, please advise.

OP, i keep having the same UFO dream my self. In the dream, i am standing next to my father, and we are both looking at the sky, i remember seeing a fleet of about 50 or more UFOs. I kept telling him, you see, i told you they exist, you wouldn´t believe. I have had this same dream about 4 times in the past 5 years.
 Quoting: True Believer

Yes, and like I have written, never too high in the sky, a Western sky, with great expanse, wanting me to notice the fleet and the three triangular shaped ones, in perfectt alignment, wonder what this all means?
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