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Message Subject UFO Fleet Dream
Poster Handle phil from Uk
Post Content
Ok iv had 3 ufo sightings this year alone, one last week. Yer iv had the odd dream about this and that ,but hey lets face it when your sat up till late at night reading all this stuff about aliens new world order and the like then its bound to have sum effect on your subconscience.

If i can just explain the sighting i had the other week as im sure sumone would be able to clarify this particular sighting.

So i was round a mates waiting about in his garden and it was a clear night so i basically didnt take my eyes of the stars for at least 10 minutes, now i saw 3 small shooting stars and what i thought was a satallite. It was a really small distant looking star like object moving in one direction, i focused on it and followed its movement but it lit up really bright for about 2/3 seconds and just carried on in its direction.

When watching the nightsky u do see alot of satallites but iv never ever seen one power up or become intensely bright like this one did. So anyway , any ideas on this sighting would be appreciated :)
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