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Message Subject Is Richard Dawkins a Freemason ?
Poster Handle Baxterpop
Post Content
Perhaps you all should give a shit. One thing, any one can be a Freemason, Satanist can be Freemason's...(Illuminati is a branch that is controlled by Satanist)...to be a Satanist, you do not neccessary have to believe in God or the Devil either. This affects folks life and this video best clears up what the U.S government is all about. Richard Dawkins is a piece of shit like most of the so call "thinkers".

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]


Here it is once again boys and girls! Get ready come one come all! Bring your sticks and beat the dead horse conspiracy of the Freemasons. "The evil behind everything."

These videos are a collection of clip art and crap that has been re hashed and refried for years, infact centuries.

williwill should quit hamming it up for the cameras and playing with cardboard cut outs. Get out of the house hit the streets. Use your feet instead of your mouse. Seek the ones you acuse and see if your self deluded brainwashing holds up!

Didn't have to post it three times to get my point across.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 666317

According to those videos, you are pretty much in denial and a moron. These videos prove you very much wrong and I would advise people to watch them. This is very serious shit and you people need to think for yourself. To claim that this is a "collection of crap" is just a lame insult, for you have not provided evidence for him being wrong. Shame on you.
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