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Message Subject Has Obama himself ever stated what Hawaiian hospital he was born in?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The issue of whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya is not the most crucial one, despite most people being fixated upon it because no original birth certificate has been provided. The reason I say this is that, even if Obama came up with his Kenyan certificate, this would not prove that he is not a natural born American. When only one parent is a United States citizen, he or she must have lived in the United States for at least five years at some point before the child's birth as a full American citizen, and at least two of these five years must have occurred after the parent's 14th birthday. This is the case with Stanley Ann Dunham. So, even if Obama is proved to have been born in Kenya (as his grandmother says), this does not mean he is not a natural born American.

What does indicate he is not natural born is the fact that he became an Indonesian citizen as a child. As Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, this means that his stepfather and mother had his citizenship removed (in order to get him into the school system, no doubt). Therefore, Obama must have since applied to be a naturalised American citizen. IT IS THIS THAT HE IS KEEPING SECRET AND FOR WHICH HE WILL BE EVENTUALLY DECLARED BY THE SUPREME COURT AS INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT
 Quoting: Lawyer 542303

And there is no record of that because maybe it doesn't exist.
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