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Message Subject 15 Year Old Boy Arrested For ........... Parsley Possession
Poster Handle ambiguity unlimited
Post Content
real charge in alot of municipalities


Considering there is nothing mentioned about any type of misbehaviour from the kid, nor any charges of such, if there is nothing more to the story, looks like the cops were just being ......... pigs.

Were this my kid, I'de end up in jail with him .... but it damn sure wouldnt be for possession !!!
 Quoting: Chases Tumbleweeds

it comes across that way, but alot of the times, the law is written so the cop has no choice.... especially with kids and "drugs"....another one of those "for the children" laws that really sucks..... and, for all you know, the kid might have been a "burn artist" that got busted.... 15 year olds can be quite devious little pricks.... i know, i was one...lol
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