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Are They Or Aren't They Trying To Kill Us?

User ID: 472417
United States
11/11/2008 05:36 PM
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Are They Or Aren't They Trying To Kill Us?
Hey. You know, the whole illuminati thing, well, you know how they talk about them in jail, you know, secret rulers of all time shit, they're really just the same crap as everyone else.

Are they poisoning our air and water? Are they cutting all the trees down? Trying to block out the sunlight? Is our food safe to eat? Are the seeds they plant the same we used in the old days? Or is their cellular and DNA structure meddled with?

For you to gestate life animals must endure lifelong suffering then death because you want fucked and want fed
then you're creating an industry of murder and death

Unfair taxes, no consent, full resistance
No acknowledgement that we're even there
We'd stand up and shoot down
But that's not the world we want to live in

No clean electric or renewable sources of fuel to power cheap transportation for all those young kids and homeless and students, pregnant mothers

You lie and cop out wont change your reality

I could go on you know just, with mark twain shit