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Message Subject Are there ex-Mormons here? Why did you leave the so-called true church?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Well, depends what you mean by ex-Mormon. There is the FDLS meaning, the Fundalmentalist Latter Day Saints or there is the more modern Church which is called the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Romney is of the second).

The fundalmentalists are the Mormons who still live polygamy. They are far fewer than the mainstream church which has abolished Polygamy many years ago. And I agree that it is said that Joseph Smith, the founder of the church was a 33rd degree Mason. If you read the history of the original church, you can see that Masonry was deeply entrenched in the religion.

My husband was raised in a polygamous, fundalmentalist Mormon family. We live on the east coast while they live out west, so he rarely sees them anymore. He does have contact with them through facebook.

Being a member of a fundalmentalist cult has been very detrimental to my husbands mental/emotional health. He spent many years covering the scars of his childhood until all he was trying to deny boiled over.....I'll say no more than that but to add that this is my opinion. My husband spends a lot of energy trying to say that he is a strong person and his childhood experience made him who he is today. Trouble is my husband struggles tremendously and does not allow himself to put his childhood and present emotional issues together. He spends his life trying to escape the truth of his abusive past. He is a wonderful soul who can't move forward in life past his current state because of the pain he denies of his abuse.

There is ton's of sexual abuse among the fundalmentalist. My husband get's frustrated because he claims sexual abuse is rampant everywhere. However, if one would do a ratio of # of abuse cases with size of community, I am sure you would find that abuse is an epidemic in fundalmentalist groups.

As far as the main stream group (Romney religion). I don't have information on abuse sexual or physical. However, the religion is very based on family structure. There is still secrecy in the Latter Day Saints church and like all groups who have secrets from the masses, there will be thoughts of wrongdoing by the general public. However, I will say that you see alot of similarities to freemasonry. The "regular" people of the church seem to be oblivious of the secrets of the upper crust of the church, same as the lower degree masons.
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