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Message Subject Helmet Stops Aliens From Abducting Humans.
Poster Handle tommy777
Post Content
Thought Screen Helmet

Seeking Alien Abductees to test device that stops abductions

The Thought screen helmet is still being tested in the prevention and stoppage of abductions. The helmet does this by stopping telepathic communication between aliens and humans. . As of October 1999
about 40 abductees report success. The helmet is available free to abductees to test and keep. Hats for daywear which also stop abductions are also available for free.

Enclosed with this letter are case studies, testimonials and alien behaviorascertained from activity with people using the thought screen helmet.

Note in my case histories that I have three abductees in Australia with thought screen helmets, and that radio stations in Canada, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand and Australia have interviewed me. Abductions are reported in Australia and the UK as well as the United States.

Through the course of searching for abductees I found an interesting case in Ohio where a man claimed to be abducted by aliens other than grays. I wrote to two Ohio MUFON investigators who lived in the abductees vicinity asking them to further investigate but they did not reply.

The thought screen helmet is a leather hat with eight sheets of static control plastic, a carbon impregnated polyolefin. The leather hat merely holds the plastic sheets close to the head. This hat acts as an electromagnetic shield, a kind of Faraday Cage. It is called a helmet, not a hat because it is used for protection.

Webster defines a helmet as “a protective covering for the head. The thought screen helmet might be considered telepathic armour.

From the accounts of abductions I have read and discussed with abductees, I assumed that telepathy was used by aliens to communicate and immobilize abductees. I also assumed that telepathy is some kind of electromagnetic energy. There is nothing magical about what aliens do or what they are. They are not paranormal or interdimensional. They have very advanced technology and knowledge of the mind, but they are real creatures subject to real scientific laws. Ohms law for us, V = I X R, where volts equals current in amperes times the resistance in Ohms, is still Ohms law for the aliens. It does not change. Scientific laws are constants for the aliens as well as for humans.

A quote for Galileo Galilei is appropriate: I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.

Indeed, the results of people using the though screen helmet confirm my

approach and Galileo wisdom. Aliens have very advanced knowledge but they are still real creatures. When aliens are deprived of their resources in abducting humans they become violent and vindictive which is hardly the behavior attributed to them by some investigators. There is no Passport to the Cosmos and there is no alien benefit for mankind. In my own research I find the aliens behave more like Nazis than anything else.

So far, the thought screen helmet is a success. Nobody has been abducted when they were wearing it. It is limited in its application, it must be worn
to work. Abductees are still taken when they are not wearing it. There seems to be a lag of a month or more in the aliens ability to discern when a helmet is being worn. I have three traumatized abductees I am working with who have worn their helmets almost 24 hours a day for over a year. Some people are afraid of ridicule so they feel awkward wearing a leather hat in public. Any type of hat that holds the Velostat around the head will work. One person used a ski hat and stuffed it with Velostat I sent to her. People feeling awkward can use an attractive large hat and put Velostat under it for an effective thought screen.

Although I have not hypnotized any abductees using the helmet, there is some criteria to determine if they are still being abducted. Almost all abductees using the helmet report:

1. Their dreams return to normal. Their nightmares cease and they can have restful sleep. Some of the abductees who state they are taken when not wearing the helmet still report they can rest adequately and feel safer with it.

2. Marks and scars on the body which appeared in the morning and sometimes disappeared several days later no longer occur.

3. They have no awareness of anything unusual around them. Many abductees report that they can sense the aliens before being abducted. With the helmet they no longer sense any danger. Only one person reported aliens present when she wore the helmet.

4. Previous experiences with aliens, lights or UFOs are gone. Abductees who have undergone several hypnotic sessions with qualified investigators
remember more about their abductions than those who have not.

5. In two cases abductees who forgot to wear their helmets one night were beaten in anger by alien-hybrids, which is definite proof that the aliens donīt like the helmet. One case of this is from an email report from a person who made their own helmet from directions on my website.

When my letter in the March, 2000 issue of the UFO Journal was published, it was read by a radio wire reporter. He asked me if I had success with the helmet and I said yes, but results were preliminary. He told me that my success was still a news story, so it was put over the radio wire.

As I result, I was interviewed by 82 radio stations, two television shows and the Fox news network. The radio stations were all over the U.S. including
Alaska, about five in Canada, two in Australia, two in New Zealand, two in the UK and one in Ireland. Initially about 40% of the radio interviewers
ridiculed me but some interesting things happened which contradict.

I gave out my home phone number on about 60 radio stations, right over the air. Some announcers warned me not to do this but I still need to recruit abductees to try the helmet so I did. As a result I received four phone calls in total! One was a man confusing aliens with psychic phenomena, two asked for UFO information, and one was from the husband of an abductee in Montana. I sent her a helmet and she said it worked. The Montana radio station took the interview seriously and so did the public. A week later they called me stating that they received many calls about UFOs in the area and asked if they could give my name and phone number out. I did but nobody called me.

The Government Conspiracy......

The success of the thought screen helmet may help explain why the US government has a cover-up. What other investigators do not understand is that all governments all over the world are powerless to stop the aliens. Until the thought screen helmet, the aliens could do anything they wanted to. In a tape on NASA videos of UFOs, What Do They Know? shows that UFOs are seen traveling in our atmosphere over 100,000 miles per hour! I attended a lecture at the University of California, Berkeley several years ago. It was determined that the take-off speed of a UFO was 10,000 miles per hour! In the 1970īs my mother talked with Air Force radar operators at the tracking station atop Mt. Tamalpias in Mill Valley, California. The operators tracked UFOs until their speed exceeded 25,000 miles per hour, at which time the operators could no longer track them!

One answer to all government cover-ups all over the world is they donīt have any way of stopping UFOs in their air space. There are some other answers but this is a very good reason. Until the thought screen helmet we were completely helpless.

The thought screen helmet provides a parameter for understanding the alien abduction phenomena. To repeat, I am an inventor, not an investigator. I have not conducted long term investigations into alien abductions. With over thirty years of experience in high technology, starting with the NASA Technology Utilization Program in 1970, my approach to the abduction mystery is more scientific than many investigators. Simply put, technology is not magic. Nothing the aliens do is magic, paranormal or supernatural. By demonstrating that the aliens use physical forces that can be understood and controlled, we gain more knowledge of their purpose, mode of operation and abduction technique. We get a better understanding of what they are and what their intentions are.

We can stop the aliens. There is nothing scary about science. The only scary thing is our own ignorance.

For more information on the thought screen helmet, click the following link

[link to www.grassyknoll.homestead.com]
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