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obama 32 degree mason

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User ID: 552944
United States
11/17/2008 08:47 AM
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obama 32 degree mason
I would like to just say that this is some real funny shit im reading. I have ready many of your comments and what it sounds like is you all have been reading alot and it has gotten to the point were you all have come up with your own perception and thought of what masonry is but when true knowledge comes your way you'll be to blind to see it.

I also would like for the people who are calling themselves masons to stop because you are slandering our great name and works and the love that we have for not just our country our world and our creator......but thanks good brothers continue to travel light

But if you want it here it goes

(Noble Neil 490901 as well as user Id 187716) stated negroes cant be 32nd degree freemasons no matter who much good whites genes he has(directed to obama).

***Judge him by his actions not by the percentage of his whiteness because white doesnt prove goodness actions does that.

(Jason id number 493396) quoted your not allowed to be a freemason if your black.

(Id number 225509) quoted The negro lodge is not part of the real freemasons no way.

Well since I see people love to point out the difference in the to A.F.A.@.M and Prince Hall Masons I would gladly accept that because Prince Hall was a Black man who recieved his (charter) from England head of the organization allowing him to operate in the United States and now all over the world whom all nationalities are in. Now does your A.F.@.A.M have a (charter)? no....... they do not so who is the realist...lol you cant believe it? but it is true.

Another thing people love to try to point out as if it was a fact, is that if your black wether A.F.@.A.M or Prince Hall Masons which I would like to point out that Prince Hall Mason are F.@.A.M, so what that being said you can become a 32 or 33 degree mason on both sides because I have family that are.

To end this I would like to thank my brother Widows Son for his comments which states, If free masonry was a secret society of conspirators why in the world do we but rings on our fingers bumper stickers on our cars and have BIG signs on the lodges. But all in the end it does not matter if your black are white blue are green A.F.@.A.M or F.@.A.M it does'nt matter all mason set out for the same goal to spread love and give back to commuities and do as much charity work as our hearts may let us.

PS. try me
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 552996
New Zealand
11/17/2008 09:41 AM
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Re: obama 32 degree mason
quote.. ps try me

just read your post then
had look at Obama's paths
and couldnt find
a connection with freemasonery
but may be related to or have links
back through to the oddfellows
however he wouldnt be aware of that at
this time as it surfaces later.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 531633
United States
11/17/2008 09:44 AM
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Re: obama 32 degree mason
and this really matters why?

Or is this just another sore loser thread?