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The French Revolution was fucked UP!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 975449
05/19/2010 04:28 PM
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Re: The French Revolution was fucked UP!

"These men, in order to bring us to the happiness of Sparta, wished to annihilate 12-15 millions of the French people."

 Quoting: Light of Liberty 559944

Who is meant to have said this?

That article appears to be based purely on propaganda.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28329214
11/23/2012 07:14 AM
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Re: The French Revolution was fucked UP!
But why all the mass killings of innocent people? The population of France was immense, and in order to carry out the revolutionary plans for socialist equality for all, France had to be systematically depopulated.
 Quoting: Light of Liberty 559944

This is the CORE LIE that this article sells.
Note that otherwise the article states some of the facts required to understand one of the major misconceptions about the History of the Illuminati secret society.

Three major misconceptions about the History of the Illuminati secret society
First misconception - defeated in early years
1. In the first years after it was created, the Illuminati secret society suffered severe defeats, leading to a state near total destruction when the French Revolution took place, 1789. (1)

Reality: in the first years the illuminati achieved a series of successes that would never be repeated again.
The most important to be able to direct the script for the French Revolution, which included unprecedentet use of terror.
The terror agenda was one of the weapons used to achieve two other goals within just a few years:
- forcing christians into an underground existence, like in the first years under the Roman Empire;
- the first attempt of world government, using Napoleon Bonaparte in the Emperor Role;
- pushing that attempt as far as achieving the milestone of an illuminati army entering Moscow, something that they were not able to repeat in the second (Emperor Wilhelm II) and third attempt (Hitler).

Notes about first misconception[(b]
(1) In Illuminati's Wikipedia, where any truth about any major misconception will be immediately deleted, this is how this lie is propagated:
Internal rupture and panic over succession preceded its downfall, which was effected by The Secular Edict made by the Bavarian government in 1785.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Reminder: the Illuminati FULL STORY was exposed first from October 1998 to March 24, 1999, by Matt Marriott
[link to who-are-the-illuminati.----]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 243913

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73500347
11/27/2016 03:36 PM
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Re: The French Revolution was fucked UP!
Illuminati matrix: unchallenged from the start, 1789
It was established 600 years after the illuminati stepped on stage as "crusaders".
Staged wars to advance global agendas: it's one of the KEY tactics that the emergence of the illuminati matrix made possible.

Illuminati matrix: the foundations
The illuminati or Ordo Illuminatus first stepped on stage as an identifiable organization in 1190: Ordo Teutonicus, admission requirements included proof of german nobility for at least four generations.
Prussia was the first state that they took control of, using their #1 tactic: infiltration.
It didn't take long until it was the turn of England, even before it also became the first EMPIRE under their control: since 1534, except for five years (1553-58) at the start.

1789: foundations of the Illuminati matrix completed
The illuminati used the French Revolution to get control of France and the world has in fact lived in the illuminati matrix, served in its complete version almost everywhere ever since.

Most important consequence
The day that the illuminati established their matrix, shortly after the French Revolution 1789:
it was also the day when most major works approved by the Illuminati Grand Master to be released became [ _ _ _ I _ _ _ ] rather than plots.
From then on the Illuminati were able to stage wars to advance global agendas.

Illuminati matrix: unchallenged explicitly since it started
Neither those who defeated the illuminati in major battles nor those who played a KEY resister role were able to recognize AND expose KEY pieces of its simulated reality, let alone its totality.

Challenging the Illuminati matrix: relation to illuminati's share of the world
As the matrix was perfected it became increasingly difficult to challenge it.
The first reason is one of the foundations of the BIG LIE technique: the bigger the lie the more diificult it will be to admit that you were fooled.
The extent of the lie depends, to start with, on the illuminati's share of the world: it first peaked shortly after October 1917, when agent Lenin took control of the Russian empire.

The "real communists" anomaly
Illuminati lost again control of Russia just before the millenium started but a few years later Putin was murdered and replaced with an impostor.
During this short Putin era the Illuminati didn't lose control anywhere else, so it can be discarded as major anomaly in the trend for the curve representing the evolution of the illuminati's share of the world.
There was only one major anomaly and it was NOT the end of colonialism, around 1960, almost completely carried out according to the neo-colonial illuminati script.
What I mean is the Stalin era, that started 1925, when illuminati lost control of the very same Soviet Union that they had created a few years earlier.
During this period the illuminati's share was again considerably reduced, in the aftermath of World War II, from East Europe to China, Vietnam and Korea.
And yet the matrix remained unchallenged. After Stalin's death, 1953, the illuminati rapidly (from months in Russia to decades in Vietnam) regained what they had lost.
One of the reasons is "coincidentally" what also made possible for the illuminati to replicate 1959 in Cuba what they did October 1917 in Russia and 1789 in France.
[Side note: in Cuba the illuminati didn't need months to get control of the victorious revolution, they were in control from the start thanks to agent Fidel Castro.]
More: see CONTEXT (Role of Castro in murder of Che Guevara) and BASICS (Stalin's paradoxes).

BIG BANG modified, postponed: first time NOT because of Matrix requirements
The original script to launch the BIG BANG in 2009 is still ongoing, and it still has the same end: "Clinton proclaimed the real successor of GW Bush".
But the first part had to be modified because the script had to be postponed.
The matrix was already reestablished in 2009 (Putin had already been murdered).
The reason why the launch of the BIG BANG was postponed is somewhere else: total lack of support (Clinton and McCain had in fact less than 5% of the votes).
Note about the launch script:
The first version: "senator Obama impeached; McCain beats Hillary Clinton although he lost the popular vote; McCain disarms US citizens; McCain impeached and stripped, Obama arrested".
It had to be changed first to: "Obama beats McCain; Obama starts disarming US citizens until impeached, stripped and arrested".

2011: Completed Matrix 2011 implicitly challenged by the Arab Spring
The Arab Spring starts with Obama casted as second choice in the role of disarming US citizens, hence at a slower pace than the first choice, the role of republican impostor (in 2011 only McCain had been casted in the role).
The implicit challenge was strong enough for it to become the main reason why the BIG BANG was postponed again and again.

Who could have explicitly shaken the illuminati matrix: two lists:
1. Those who played a KEY resister role. The list includes:
- all popes (from the start, 1789) until 1958, when the illuminati finally took control of the Vatican, which paradoxically was the ONE target that the Ordo Teutonicus had in its aim from the start.
- De Gaulle, who in 1940 was the only french general not casted in the Blitzkrieg script (alias Hitler takes two weeks to march in Paris).
Against all odds he escaped countless assassination attempts and became President of France from 1959 until yet another "french revolution", served in the illuminati joke format as "1969 Cultural Revolution".
2. Those who defeated the illuminati in major battles. The list includes:
- Tsar Alexander I of Russia, who after unknowingly having FULLY participated in the matrix ( first allied with Britain and after the Battle of Austerlitz switching to an alliance with Napoleon ) inflicted a major military defeat to the illuminati, putting an end to Napoleon's invasion of Russia, 1812.
- Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, who forced the illuminati to expose the clothes ("defenders of Christianity") that all their puppet governments started to wear after 1815: the Crimean war that ended with an illuminati victory in 1856.
- Stalin, who inflicted major political and military defeats to the illuminati, from preventing in 1925 agent Trotsky to succeed agent "Lenin" (a german illuminazi) to the battle of Stalingrad 1943.
Side note: the grotesque went as far as Stalin celebrating Lenin.

Why Che Guevara would not be able to challenge the matrix even if he had got it:
Che Guevara murdered: Castro's role: FULL STORY

All in