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Message Subject Son of Malcolm X Satan is Barack Obama Rothschild Muslim Brotherhood Kabbalah Pindar Ritul Kissinger Brzezinski World War 3
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thanks for sharing. Not that I recall what I knew... but a quote from crystal links about Baal jogs my memory some more. [link to www.crystalinks.com]
I am leaning towards this Palm connection is a ritual sacrifice gift to Baal's wife.

Knowing this and watching mainstream increase awareness on El Palmos' volcano then it does not bode well for the Canary people. A tsunami would be the icing on the cake but not necessary for Baal's Gaga.

I think the Denver Airport Roof Material is the smoking gun.
The real sh*t hitting the fan is when being protected by that Denver Roof plays a role.

My guess is that all those dying animals, fish and birds would still be alive if they lived beneath the Denver Roof... you heard it here first.
Much appreciated. BTW I have followed this thread from day 1. It's good!
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Thread: Denver Airport roof, EMP proof faraday cage? Solar flare CME proof?
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