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Message Subject Christians, Meet The ELOHIM, YHVH's Equals Of The Ancient World, The Men Of Name!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The Pharisee & Rabbis Banned the name of God and wrote in YHWH or Lord. The name of God the creator of the universe and all that is in it, is Adonai.

Whoah there.. big nono.. serious correction needed:

The Pharisees and Rabbis banished the name of YHWH and replaced IT with "Lord" or "God". This is clearly evident in any ancient manuscripts. Tablets recovered from Israel from the days of Davids Israel (round' 1000BC) make very clear that YHWH was even present in everyday greetings. "May YHWH bless you and your house" and so on.

The COVER UP startet around 600BC, after Israels fall in Babylon, after the High Priests of Israel created the syncretic deity of Jahbulon, creation a new esoteric religion while exoterically still adhering to Jehovah.

The ***NAME*** of "El El", is YHWH / YEHOWAH / JEHOVAH.

Where do you people get your information?!? Freak Websites? (damn.. I'm only GLP ;) I only come here to check the pulse of humanity!) Comic Books???????? Look into some REAL historic evidence. No wonder why everything is such a mess, if people believe the first best source they get their hands on..

Adonai means "Lord" silly, and is a title, not a name, just like GOD is a TITLE and NOT a NAME.

More reliable than your Watchtower Bible and Tract Society sources out of New York!!
 Quoting: HardTruth

Oh, how I wish I could nod and say your right. But you are oh-so wrong. Spare me your quotes, I know, and have debunked them ALL - sadly, again, I had hoped on people like you to give me ONE SOLID, DECENT, REASON NOT to believe them more than anyone else.

The Jahbulon you're referring to is a MASONIC deity of the Masons, it is a combination of names like Is-Ra-El (Isis, RA, and Elohim), only in the case of Jahbulon it's a combination of Jehovah, Bel or Baal, and the Egyptian god ON!!

It doesn't surprise me in the least you're taught this Masonic name since Russell was a mason who founded your religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses!!


If it expects, or demands worship, it is not divine!!
 Quoting: HardTruth

Ok, now you really ARE an IDIOT.

NO FREAKIN KIDDING ON JABULON: WHERE DO YOU THINK THE IDEOLOGICAL FOUNDATION OF MASONISCM CAME FROM!? The damn priests did everything to undermine christianity and whatever perversions ever came forth from it, including Freemasonry!!! It was the damned vengeful mindfuck of the decrepit priests of Israel.

SECONDLY: Russell was **NOT** a MASON. Check your dumb-ass sources, it's utter nonsense. Look up the damn FAQ of any Masons site, they'll call you a grade "A" idiot as well!

Heck, they even state that the very idea is in itself rediculous since the teachings of Russell, as well as later JWs essentially CONDEMN masonry. Oh and please do refer to the pyramid memorial stone as evidence so that I can rub it in your face. BUT THATS NOT ALL! -

THIRDLY: Jehovahs Witnesses have little to nothing to do with Charles Taze Russell. Considering you're as intelligent and well versed as you think you are, you would know that the "Russellites" split from the rest in 1917 and are known nowadays still as "International Bible Students" and have no relation whatsoever with JWs except the initial founder that got the ball rolling. Furthermore, it wasn't only Russell who is credited with deciphering the web of lies of christendom, loose study groups and many people from around the world came together to found the initial "International Bible Students". Before his death, Russell acknowledged that he had made the odd error and regretted that others wouldn't accept it as he himself did, hence the split with JWs.

Congratulations Howard, once again, you put your foot in your mouth and have proven that you are still at the beginning of any deeper studies.

On the other hand, I feel you have written so much nonsense that you probably feel that no one *can* lecture to you anymore. Hence your oh-so-subtle grasshopper comments.

Your just as bad as the Priests of Israel that went of the deep end.
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