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Barack Obama: America's First Synagogue Of Satan Jewish President?

Dr Watson esq
User ID: 564353
Russian Federation
12/28/2008 05:19 PM
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Barack Obama: America's First Synagogue Of Satan Jewish President?
Obama asks Shimon Peres: "What can I do for Israel?"
– Haaretz, November 17, 2008

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories (Richard Falk) has said Israel's policies there amount to a crime against humanity…He said the UN must act to protect the Palestinian population suffering what he called 'collective punishment'... He said the International Criminal Court should also investigate whether the Israeli civilian leaders and military commanders for the Gaza siege should be indicted and prosecuted for violations of international criminal law.
– BBC News, December 10, 2008

We need to ratchet up tough but direct diplomacy with Iran, making very clear to them than their development of nuclear weapons would be unacceptable, that their funding of terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hizbullah, their threats against Israel are contrary to everything we believe in…We may have to tighten up those sanctions…and give them a clear choice…whether they want to do this the hard way or the easy way.

– President-Elect Obama on NBC Meet the Press, December 7, 2008

(Dec. 12, 2008) According to a nationally prominent Zionist spokesperson, former Congressman, Federal Judge, White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton and early backer of Obama, Abner Mikvner, "Barack Obama is the first Jewish President".

Mikvner's affirmation reflects both Obama's one-sided and longstanding commitment to the State of Israel and loyalty to the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) in the United States, as well as the long-term and successful effort of a network of financially and politically powerful Jewish Zionists to embed Obama to their Israel First political apparatus.

What is striking about the latter is the demeaning and arrogant claims made by some leading Jewish Zionist about their ‘central roles’ in the making of Obama's professional and political careers – in effect denying the President-Elect any credit for his own academic or professional success.

(Historically this has been mirrored in the continuous claims of some American Jews to have fought and won the battle of Civil Rights in the 60’s on behalf of African Americans – essentially denying black Americans any independent political role in their own struggle.) Even their personal flattery about his wisdom, brilliance and intellectual acuity is always linked with his unconditional support of the State of Israel. One can envision how quickly his Zionist colleagues would replace their plaudits with crude insults regarding his intelligence if he suggested Israel end its starvation blockade of Gaza...

Needless to say the Zionists know their man, as they confidently proclaim, he is a cautious and prudent politician, who measures power before he speaks, especially as he has filled the White House, economic councils and security apparatus with Zionist zealots.

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[link to www.informationclearinghouse.info]

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