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Stripper Sets Record For World's Largest Fake Breasts

20 pounders
User ID: 579159
01/02/2009 04:36 AM
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Stripper Sets Record For World's Largest Fake Breasts
A stripper has broken the record for the world’s largest fake breasts – thanks to a dangerous medical technique that is banned in the United States and Britain.

The stripper, who goes by the name Maxi Mounds, and her 36MM bust have been accepted by Guinness World Records in a new World's Largest Augmented Breasts category, after years of lobbying by the entertainer.

Each of her breasts More.. weighs 20 pounds – and they are still growing, thanks to the controversial "polypropylene string" treatment that created them.

It all started when she got standard silicone implants, but she wasn't happy with them. So Mounds had plastic string inserted into her breasts in 2000. The implant irritates the breast, causing it to release body fluids that inflate them even further.

The procedure has since been banned in numerous countries due to concerns about its safety but Ms. Mounds' mounds have continued to grow. She's proud of her record and the attention her breasts get: "I've seen some pretty funny things happen," she says. "Men walking into things and getting slapped by their girlfriends because they were staring too hard."

"It takes a very special type of person to be with someone who looks like me because of the reactions I get from people whenever I'm out in public."

Mounds approached Guinness World Records after spotting a record for natural breasts, they initially turned her away, but have now added the new category for implants.

[link to www.liveleak.com]