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Message Subject I cured my herpes! Ask me a question
Poster Handle Ex-herpie
Post Content
mind telling us how u bonehead?

Its a long story and I believe everyone has to find out what works for them. I tried lots of stuf beginning with zovirax then switching to natural.

A combination of oregano, aloe vera, honey kept the herpes in check for a couple of years. The cure came when I added olive leaf extract and took it for 2 weeks straight 2 times.

This is now more then 5 years ago and it never came back.

How much did you take of each ingredient? in what forms? Thanks for sharing, OP!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 582428

OP here

I took 300 grams of fresh aloe, 500grams of natural honey, 3 drops of oil of oregano, 4 shots of cognac, blended together. Take a shot 15 minutes before meals. This helped me getting rid of attacks. It didnt prevent but took care of breakouts.

Then I read about olive leaf extract and its anti-viral properties. It said it was able to cure herpes. I am surrounded by olive trees and find them amazing! They are the strongest trees ever! So thinking about that strength I felt like trying the xtract.

Oregano and aloe are anti viral as well, i guess thats why it cured my outbreaks but it never got rid of them. The olive however eradicated it from my system. At least the last 5 years. Even with flu´s, food poisoning, high fever... it never came back.

So when I decided to go for it this is what I did;

I took 300 grams of fresh aloe, 500grams of natural honey, 3 drops of oil of oregano, 4 shots of cognac, blended together. I added a couple of spoons of cayenne but that is optional. For people who cannot take alcohol however the cayenne is essential. Take a shot 15 minutes before meals.

With the shot of this mixture I also took a shot of the olive extract I prepared. I did this for 2 weeks then stopped 10 days and repeated the process.

I never took a test mind you, since I dont believe in tests that hook me up in the medical system for life.

The same recipe taking out the honey is also good for auto immune diseases like diabetis, lupus...

The olive extract I made using leaves and vodka.

Thanx for asking
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