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Message Subject I cured my herpes! Ask me a question
Poster Handle re
Post Content
I cured my herpes also.

The trick is to catch it early .. I was in the clinic within seven hours of the appearance of the virus that was within 24 hours of being infected.

It's curable alright - a bit of luck and taking responsibility for yourself but I have never had a recurrence in over 15 years now.

I also took zovirax but I was sneaky ... I pin pricked the spots and rubbed chewed up Zovirax on the outside as well. Also salt and lemon juice and many other things even toothpaste.

If you get a recurrence though in the first five years you have it for life. Basically it is all about how quick you get on the tablets and your washing and cleaning of yourself when you first get it. You will catch Herpes even if you use a condom as its in the vaginal fluid and that gets on your groin.
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