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Message Subject I cured my herpes! Ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
People listen it's awesome people are getting rid of outbreaks and haven't had one in a long time 10, 15 years plus but you DID NOT CURE IT!!!! If you don't believe me, the people who think they did, go get a blood test for specific HS1 AND HS2 antibodies and I will guarenteed you, you will be positive for the virus, meaning you still have it! You won't go out and do this obviously so back to square one. As someone who is extensively trained in this field again I will tell you, YOU CANNOT CURE HERPES....you can minimize outbreaks and manage it but even after 15 years or more you can still get outbreaks I have seen it!
 Quoting: Chem101 608327

I appreciated your notion my friend.
But millions of people already tired waiting for the cure from these BIG PHARMA and SCIENTISTS.

Just immagine how many centuries already passed?
And up to now no cure??? why???

I'm sure there is already a cure but BIG PHARMA suppress it.
Just type it in google.com. or visit the link below,
[link to www.google.com.ph]

Because they don't profit from cure.
These people profit from therapy not cure.

I like Ex-Herpie Experimental attitude.

I'm also planning to create my own cure. i'm planning to self study microbiology.

Lets not trust these pharmaceuticals anymore. They are the one very psychologically sick not us.
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