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Message Subject I cured my herpes! Ask me a question
Poster Handle xeon9
Post Content
My friend Ex-herpie

yeah show us the pictures of these products you used.
300 grams of fresh aloe,
500grams of natural honey,
3 drops of oil of oregano,
4 shots of cognac,
blended together.
olive leaf

When you say aloe is this aloe vera? is this leaves or in bottle can you show us please.

and the oil of oregano? show us the pics.

When you say 4 shots of cognac is this mean 4 glasses?
how big is the glasses? cognac is a white wine right?
please clarify. olive leaf? is this inside the bottle.

also you said below,
"olive extract i made using leaves and vodka."

Tell me how did you created the olive extract? how did you do that? tell us the right process please.

Thank you very much in advance.
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