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Message Subject I cured my herpes! Ask me a question
Poster Handle imhealed
Post Content
i was cured in just 1 and a half months from the time i found out i had herpes. I,m a follower of jesus christ and i just applied all the things he told me to do in the new testiment bible and i fasted ,prayed, believed, and gave almost all my income to the poor and to top it off i went to a Benny Hinn healing convention and i was just doing whatever god told me to do in the spirit,and got tested again and it was negative,all the symptoms went away praise god,i had it for 6 months from 1 girl i was with, never took a drop of medication allthough i had some minor breakouts. But healing is availible to everyone who obays god i have the paper work to prove it.5a .
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