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Message Subject I cured my herpes! Ask me a question
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Americans have to understand one thing.
Although herpes is spread world wide the only country where it is being used for business and discrimination is in USA.
In other countries there are no constant drills on TV and scare campaigns all over the media to divide people and make money of their paranoias. In no other country people are being discriminated for having this disease. But then again in USA any disease is turned into a money maker and a scare campaign.

Dont get me wrong it happens all over but the americans seem to be the most gullible people in the world.
I know of no other country where division and discrimination rule like in USA. Americans bashing Americans for whatever reason. Even accusing sick people of being lowlives, whores, faggots whatever have you for contracting a disease that most of the people are infected with anyway.

In stead of showing some compassion and offering some help you exclude and discriminate everyone without a blink of your eye. You start a witch hunt without realizing that tomorrow when standards change you will be the one hunted.

In the end you reap what you sow and how you discriminate you will be discriminated. Or did you really think you are perfect and I could not find anything to discriminate you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 585744

Obviously, there is something wrong with the American voters as of 2008. Obugger got in without any qualifications and did a piss poor job of anything except wasting our money and killing our freedoms. Now America has some choices in 2012, but Obugger in DC after January is not a reasonable one. We can only hope, pray, and work toward getting rid of this herpetic slime.
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