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Message Subject I cured my herpes! Ask me a question
Poster Handle sac
Post Content
Hi, I have an acquaintance/friend from Mexico who likely has herpes. He began with extremely sharp jagged pains in his private part area, and then white sores sometime after that continued for years. He may still get those pains. I have to ask him. I convinced him to go get a blood test for STD next week which I heard are not always accurate (is this true that they are not always accurate?.). I am also trying to look into other alternative cures invented by regular people, because I believe too that sometimes people should think for themselves and try and figure out a cure for themself. I have heard true stories about people curing there diseases of various kinds. Some of these true stories were made in to Hollywood movies, staring top actresses that credibly revealed that corruption and competence does often play a large role in the medicine field.
Regarding the cure that the above person claim cured there herpes, can you please give better details about the mixture. Do you mean you took pills when you say you took millgrams in certain amounts, and do you mean that you drank a liquid cognac in a certain amount. Or do you mean you stuck yourself with a needle. What is meant by a shot. I am so confused. Please explain to me in crystal clear vivid precise detail.
do you think that taking just the olive leaf extract would cure this.
Also, what problems will my friend have due to the herpes being in his blood for life?. Will these mean painful shingles breakouts now?. Thanks
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