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Opus Dei in South America

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 586835
United States
01/06/2009 03:55 AM
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Opus Dei in South America
Silent Crusade
needle in tha hay
User ID: 561607
01/06/2009 04:09 AM
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Re: Opus Dei in South America
When the pope (ratzingernamywhat) came to Australia he stayed
with opus dei..in their retreats with their protection.
No, not asio, the feds or other gubbment security, freemason underground secret service had authority to do the most important job to protect the pontif, only the opus dei ....

the media clearly projected it as NORMAL. unquestioned and not questionable !

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 586835
United States
01/06/2009 04:23 AM
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Re: Opus Dei in South America
The Disappeared

ABC news' Primetime LIVE! Sam Donaldson looks at the Vatican rat lines that issued travel papers and arranged a network of escape to South America for world war II war criminals (nazis).
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]

[link to www.consortiumnews.com]
Juan Peron & ‘Cocaine Politics'
South American Death Squads of the recent past
By Robert Reed

On June 20, 1973, South America teetered between its past and its future. Former Argentine Gen. Juan Peron, one of the region's legendary strongmen, was returning from a 17-year exile.

By 1976, the Argentine military had seen enough. Top generals staged a coup that put Isabela Peron under a comfortable house arrest. Some of Peron's cronies, such as the Corsican Chiappe, suffered a worse fate. To placate Washington, the military regime of Gen. Jorge Videla finally extradited Chiappe to the United States.

But most of the drug-tainted Triple-A operation survived and grew more powerful. Working more openly with the Argentine security forces, rightist goon squads "disappeared" tens of thousands of suspected leftists.

The victims underwent bizarre tortures that combined Middle Age crudity with some Nazi-like innovations. There were Medieval-style genital mutilations, gang rapes, skin peeling, burning with hot coals and acids, and immersion in water befouled with human waste.

But there were also newer twists to break the human will: applying electric shocks, using family mementos to inflict pain, engaging in humiliating torture in front of family members, and involving doctors to make sure that the victim did not die prematurely.

After the torture, many of the captives were shot and buried in mass graves. Others were stripped naked, shackled together and dumped from planes into the ocean.

In the United States, the Carter administration objected to these gross abuses of human rights. But the CIA maintained close ties to Argentine intelligence and other right-wing elements in South America.

Some prominent politicians, such as former California Gov. Ronald Reagan, even expressed public sympathy for the Argentine military. In one radio commentary, Reagan chastised assistant secretary of state Pat Darien for her human-rights protests, saying she should "walk a mile in the moccasins" of the Argentine generals before criticizing them.

The Argentine military also banded together with six other South American military dictatorships in Operation Condor, which hunted down leftists and other dissidents around the world.

[link to ipsnews.net]
Priest’s Life Sentence Draws Widespread Praise
By Marcela Valente

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 10 (IPS) - The life sentence handed down to former police chaplain Christian Von Wernich, a symbol of the Argentine Catholic Church’s complicity with the 1976-1983 military dictatorship, was described Wednesday by Argentine President Nestor Kirchner as "a good example for the world."