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Message Subject What is wrong with Taco Bell's food?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
^Right, grade D meat. MSG tricks your brain into thinking even cardboard or sawdust tastes good. It also changes your DNA, but so does each time you smoke a cigarette. Soy filler in the meat gives you intestinal cancer. Same with the GMO tomatoes etc. Cheese is not all really cheese but a silicone filler which is why it doesn't taste like real cheese but plastic. One of the jewish rabbi (Finkelstein?) 'claims' they ground people/kids up in the meat and put it in our fast food meats across the country. But in reality, does anything come easy or convenient??? No , only death comes quicker. Common sense that there are consequences to convenience and letting them (TPTB) control and do things 'for' you. Poisoning us across the board.
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