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Moon-Antares Tomorrow Morning 21Jan

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United States
01/20/2009 08:15 PM
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Moon-Antares Tomorrow Morning 21Jan
Good Day.

For North America/Mexico:
There's another lunar close encounter coming on the morning of 21Jan. Prior to sunrise the crescent Moon and the bright star Antares will be very close after they rise in the early predawn.
Unfortunately they will be relatively low on the SE/SSE horizon until the view is washed out by the rising sun about 2 hours later. If you're an early riser and are up an hour or two prior to sunrise it would be well worth it to have a look to the SE/SSE after the Moon has risen.
The bright star you see, a thumbs-width from the Moon, is Antares.
There will be an actual occultation for those out in the middle of the Pacific.
vis. - [link to www.lunar-occultations.com]

For GBR and Europe:
The timing/location is the same - SE/SSE just prior to sunrise on 21Jan. They will be very low on the horizon so you may not be able to view due to obstructions. They will not be as close as seen in NA but will still be separated by less than 1/2 handspan.

For Australia:
The close approach will occur on the morning of 22Jan. They will rise in the ESE/SE about 3 hours before sunrise. They will be closest when they rise. They will be separated by less than 1/2 handspan.

You can check out what to look for at this site: [link to www.skyviewcafe.com]
Change your location then change the date/time to see what to expect.

If you view this you will also see the planet Saturn in the sky.
All is well in the heavens.
Have fun and clear skies.

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